changing times changing values

Time changes everything, it changes men, ideals and value systems. Even the value of money also changes. The days of youthful idealism, of sacrifice for people and country are over. At best such values can be called 'admirable sentiments.' Today, everything is about self, self worth and how much. The western ideals of self as the most important element in living has taken root in our island. Everyone shall look after his own interest first. All the silliness about serving society, serving people, helping the poor and weak and ideals are best shafted into the cabinet and forgotten. Welcome to the real world of the 21st Century. Be the best of the best, and champions of champions and be paid handsomely. There is no room for philantrophy, no room for generosity, no room for magnanimity, no room for charity. In future, all political parties will present a package on the minister's salary during a general election and the people will vote accordingly. As how much to pay the ministers become a major issue, all the good men will get together to form their own parties and decide how much they are worth. And the people will have the opportunity to see which party provides the best value for the money they are asking for. It is all veru business like. It will be a transparent thing. No more raising of minister's pay after an election. It will all be upfront, transparent. And the electorate likes that.


Anonymous said...

Hello Redbean, you are totally wrong. The ministers are there to look after you and your family. They sacrifice fame and fortune to be at your service. Please be thankful and stop doubting the sincerity of the cabinet. Be thankful you have them or your womenfolks will be maids in other countries.

The front page of ST says so, it must be true.

redbean said...

thanks for reminding me. i can now sleep in peace.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, despite these buggers paying themselves the earth, you can still prevail lah.

I think to strive to be the one's best is an admirable quality.

You have something against "meritocracy"? You can always go north and emigrate to Malaysia, and revel in mediocrity. ;)

redbean said...

i love meritocracy and see how an individual overcome the odds to succeed.

and please make your money in the commercial world where the money is and not demanding that the people pay what you asked for when they cannot say no.