Can you leave with a clear conscience?

Those were the words of LKY. He added, 'If we lose our top talent, then we will decline as a nation.' While we are calling for the retention of our talent, we are encouraging many to leave, to work overseas, and in their place, filled with foreign talent. Or did our talent left because they were unwanted, not appreciated in their own home? The prophets are not welcomed in their own towns. The risks and consequences of this craziness is like a blood transfusion for no reasons. Remove our own blood and replaced it by alien blood. How would it affect our system? What if the alien blood contains aids or some other viruses? What if the alien blood is green? If we don't value our own talent at home, we surely will have a new Singapore, more vibrant, but not the Singaporeans that were here before. The talents that left our shore will return to find themselves as aliens. And they may not even be welcomed.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

The term "Singaporean" will be a lot different in the near future as the cultural and racial mix changes due to the influx of foreigners who call Singapore home.

In a generation or less, the society will become increasingly more "Eurasianised" or "Pan-Asianised" as people inter-marry and have kids.

It is pointless feeling guilty about leaving. In fact experiencing unearned guilt is psychologically unhealthy. Unearned guilt is a method used by "authority" figures and institutions to control people's spirit and to duped them into doing things which are not in their own individual self-interest.

As the society becomes wealthier, more choices open up to individuals, and one of those choices is MOBILITY. Singaporeans who LEAVE Singapore are not economic refugees—those who leave are usually well-trained, have in-demand skills as well as a substantial amount of cash behind them. i.e. they make their choices from a position of strength. Contrast this to your average Fillipina or Bangla who are vitual economic refugees and make their choices out of "need" rather than "want".