And now the second part. 'Payrise is not an entitlement.'

And now the second part. 'Payrise is not an entitlement.' The way the proposed payrise is put forward, it is like an entitlement. As long as the top eight income earners in the formula made a killing, the ministers should also be entitled to a killing. Logical? Should we ask what are they doing, what have they contributed, what are their achievements? And forget about the last 40 years of achievements. Some of them were probably kids when all the hard work were put in to build the strong foundation for what Singapore is today. What are their contributions for the present Singapore? The other issue is the portfolios they are holding, or without portfolio. Some are shouldering very heavy responsibilities, some very little. Some looking after the welfare of kids, sports, some looking after the elderly, some looking after the economy, the safety and security of the people and country. Should all be paid in millions? We need to need to look at the jobs, the responsibilities and the contributions, current contributions, to pay them accordingly. Past contributions have already been paid, and continuously being paid in the form of pension. They should be paid by their own performance and not the performance of the top eight high earners. The pay of ministers is from public money and needs to be accounted for prudently.

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