$207 is a lot of money

'With around $207 at his disposal each month, a prudent Public Assistance recipient may be able to save for future expenses.' Muchamed Elfian Harun. I fully agree with Muchamed. If my roof and 3 meals are taken care off, $207 will become my disposable income. I don't smoke nor drink. Wow, that is a lot of money to spend. And I don't even have to leave my house. Sometimes I wonder what am I living for? Not much different from a zombie, huh? And Mr Wang had also came to the conclusion that the maids are richer than many Singaporeans with their $300 disposable income when food and shelter have been out of the way. Compare this to a Singaporean who earns $1000. After deducting CPF, transportation, food and lodging, there is hardly any money left as disposable income. Yes a maid with $300 is richer than a Singaporean earning $1000 a month.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, the Singaporean govt is rich with all those billions stashed away for rainy days. The way things are for some desperate people of Singapore, it is indeed pouring cats and dogs now. I wonder why it is so difficult for the govt to dish out an extra few hundred dollars for each of the 3000 families on PA.

Well, I suppose it is easier to award 1 million $ increases to the more deserving MPs.

Somehow I cannot see the logic in all these imbalances.

redbean said...

when people pray to the god of wealth, they only think of a windfall for themselves rather than a few dollars for everyone.
that is only being human.

i also pray for a windfall every toto draw. but mine is tan ku ku.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

You failed to do the math.

Maids work harder and longer than the worker earning 1000 dollars in fake dirty paper.

People who chase the almighty dollar are welcome to the negative consequences of their actions. God bless their souls, for they keep the cardiologists, oncologists and undertakers in business.

Money (actually it is just fake dirty paper with a picture of a dead president on it to give it "authority") is a medium of exchange and thus can only be a means to an end, not the end in itself.

You've also neglected the struggling entrepreneur: he maybe earning a NEGATIVE income for a long time, even end up bankrupt. Many folks who start out in business have outgoings of tens of thousands a year. Other people earn money every month—even maids and low-paid, low-skilled workers—but the business person in this case might not be earning anything and SPENDING 10k or more just to stay alive and keep his business going.

So who is better off then? The maid and the $1000 a month worker.

You want the fucking govt to dish out money? Whose money? That is the money paid by hardworking people, STOLEN FROM THEM BY TAXES by a thug-govt no one can resist, unless one has no problem with going to jail.

Meanwhile the valiant people in the private sector, who bet their lives and property on their dream continue to plod along their lonely quest, keeping up the courage regardless of the fact that many of them have negative monthly cash-flows.

These people maintain their positive mental attitude and don't go like spineless cry-babies begging for someone to "give them free money".

So develop some CHARACTER and stop fucken whinging!