1 man, 3 HDB flats, 10 wives, 64 children and incest

I have refrained from touching on this topic to steer clear of some primordial sensitivities. There are things in life that are left best unsaid or the otherwise sensible and clear thinking men and women could be consumed by irrational rage and tear down a whole nation. Why do they have to report this in the main stream media? It is no secret, and has been going for years, all 10 wives and 64 children are living monuments that paraded the streets daily. Why now and why make it as if it is great news? Obviously many must have thought that there was nothing wrong and tolerable. In a small little compact country like us, such things cannot escape the eyes of those who need to know. Where is the fault? Don't blame the authority. Everyone is at fault. When able men and women, some have strings of straight As, are prepared to sit in front of a charlatan, probably even failed his PSLE, and listen to his craps every week, and are afraid to disagree with him, that is the fault. It transcends all religions and races. I was reading this 'highly acclaimed book by a highly acclaimed man' called 'Jerusalem Countdown', and my immediate reaction was that this is probably the third most dangerous book ever written. The influence of this book has led to powerful personalities living their lives and dictating national policies based on the reasonings in the book. And they set out to kill and destroy and believing that it was all faithful duty and destiny. The authority of course does not come from this book, but from more dangerous books written in ancient times. And they believe it is all about righteousness, about a divine order, to kill other fellow men and women, young and old, to fulfil a prophecy. When would modern people be sane or confident enough to ask the right questions and debunk all the dangerous ancient myths that common sense would say are simply wrong? Is the fear of God a sign of wisdom or a sign of naivity?


Anonymous said...

they would argued yours a dangerous 'religion' too.

redbean said...

thank god i don't have a religion.

i take all religions with a pinch of salt. and when a religion tells me that it is right to kill someone because he does not believe in what you are believing, or that he is of a different colour and god will help me to kill him, then i ask myself what kind of thrash is that? do i believe that i shall go and kill other people and god will assist me to do the killing?

this is the 21st century when all of us have received more education than those people who wrote those ancient books.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so cocky Redbean. No matter how educated you are, one day you will still have to bite the dust and meet the Maker of this universe. TRust me, you really don't want to find out that you're on the wrong side of the fence at that point.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

this is not an issue of cockiness. what i am trying to tell people is to exercise their thinking ability. all religions are supposed to teach people goodness. so is god. and that is what everyone believes.

can god or religion teaches bad stuff like killing another human being? for those who find it difficult to discard the bad things in their scriptures, the other way out is to hear only the good stuff. and when bad things are done, blame it on the preacher.

for me, i look at the issue square and ask a simple and commonsensical question, it that right or wrong, good or bad, for mankind? not for a particular group of people or chosen people.

anyway i am not chosen.

Anonymous said...

I have dealt with self-confessed freethinkers like you and they all exhibit the same trait, that they believe in the superiority of their mortal mental faculties over divinely revealed scriptures. I do not want to go into a debate with you on this, Redbean, been there done that, but suffice to say that religion is primarily a question of faith and not everything that faith asks of one can be proven with science. If everything can be proven beyond all doubt, it wouldn't be called faith, now would it ? I don't need to convince your types of anything, but suffice to say, you will soon find out who is the naive one when you are on your death bed. Mark my words for it is certain to come. When it does and you are on the wrong side of the fence, all your fancy education in this world isn't going to do you an iota of good.

redbean said...

like you said, religion is a very personal thing. it is a matter of faith. so no need to use terms like who is smart or who is naive.

i respect every religion even when i take them with a pinch of salt. i only hope that people will stop and ponder when things are obviously wrong and not ignore them and pretend everything is alright.

and i am not even concern about controversial stuff. just simple and obvious things like in this case, incest.

even polygamy is something that i would not pass judgement on. only concern is the social and economic problems that such a relationship will pose to the affected party. then again, not my problem. and if the guy has all the means to make his whole family happy, it is alright to me.

willing buyer willing seller or caveat emptor.