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wei ling complained or commented

Philip Yeo defending his Stars Wei Ling made a comment about our resources being spread too thin in bio med research and science. She wanted the resources to be focussed on a narrower field and to take advantage of our comparative advantage. Philip Yeo fumed. Someone who is not in the thick of things should not dabble with things that he/she does not know. Some jokers may be angry that Wei Ling is indulging in the art of complaining like most Singaporeans do, especially in cyberspace. The issue is that we can look at this as a typical complaint or as an intellectual discourse between high brow supertalents. The subject matter involved finance, medical science and investments and jobs. It is true that not many people will have all the knowledge and information to say he knows all and only then be qualified to comment. Everyone has his own perspective and look at things from his own window. Nothing wrong with that right? Why can't citizens make comments on issues that concerns us? The reporters or those people who reported on NKF did not know much about the nitty gritties of the running of NKF. But if they cannot comment, we will all still be sleeping happily and feeding the scam. Philip has his right to defend his work. And Wei Ling or anyone should also have his/her right to make comments. It is public money being used. If the comments are reasonable, think about them and maybe integrate them into the system. If the comments are errorneous, explain it away. Everyone must grow up and discuss or debate an issue intelligently instead of getting personal. This biomed debate can be very educational to the public. There are merits in the position of both sides. It is not a matter of right or wrong but priorities, emphasis and even a judgemental decision. Talk about it in a positive light. Don't take it as a complaint. And don't cover it up like all other matters and give excuses like national security or it will take 500 man years to get the figures out.


Anonymous said...

Sigh, even a member of the elite commenting on a pet government project oso kena scolded, what more the peasant citizens like us. Perhaps some elite are more elite than others ?

Anonymous said...

How can anyone be more elite than a member of the Lee family?

Anonymous said...

Not all Lees are born leequal.

redbean said...

hey hey,

this is an interesting issue for discussion. lets not take it personally. and philip should not feel personal also.

Anonymous said...

No surprises there, Redbean. When you cannot put up a coherent argument, the easiest way out is to get personal. This is so typical of anti-establishment types.

redbean said...

like kishore said, white is not white and black is not black.

the debate illustrated how the two sides viewed the issue and the quality of the reasoning can be found in the relevance of the arguments.