we need a referendum

The MPs are querying on the 6.5 million population and Mah Bow Tan now said that this was only for planning purposes and for the next 40 to 50 years instead of the next 20 years as reported in the paper. Mah Bow Tan also assured the MPs 'that the country's social stability would not be undermined, even as the Govt moves ahead to encourage more foreigners from diverse backgrounds to live and work here.' Can anyone really be in a position to give this kind of assurance? The issue of Singapore's future should be decided by the people and not by a few individuals no matter how wise and how good the intention is. To let in another 2.5 million foreigners into Singapore as citizens is a very serious change in our demography and social fabric and must not be taken lightly or concerns expressed by the people be simply brushed aside. I hope some MPs would view this issue seriously and call for a Referendum for the people to vote for their future and the future of their children. The present leadership will not be here to answer should anything go wrong. Remember the 2 child policy? It was too good and too successful then. But the negative aspects and consequences are now being felt today. A 6.5 million population is going to transform Singapore into a very different creature. Would the people agree to it?


Anonymous said...

The people are deemed to have agreed when they gave the current ruling party an overwhelming mandate last May. It is a lost cause, redbean.

redbean said...

if the collective strength of the mps put up a strong case for it, we can have a referendum.

lets hope the whip is not exercise on this and the mps are allowed to vote and exercise the wills of the people in parliament on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Hello Redbean. Are you talking about the PAP MPs ? Collective strenght ? Don't make me laugh. They're all nothing but wimps, they'll do the bidding of the Master Manipulator. You think any of them have the balls to stand up and fight for ther people, and risk losing their MPs allowance, pension and also plum posiitons in GLCs or government. You are fightinh a lost cause.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

can't disagree with you. maybe the opposition parties or some singaporeans could start another petition on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Opposition parties only active when elections are around. They're even more hopeless than the PAP. Tell me which Singaporean has the balls to start this petition and have the clout that the ruling party will take note of ?

Anonymous said...

Oh, redbean,
those elite gahmen and their counterpart think this way:

"Who care the fu#$# about FT and local, just bring FT in and generate money for elite as long s those FT does not jeopardise the rice bowl of elite. Who care about the local ppl, it is about global competition, value and productivity. We gahmen are protected and we are not applied by these factor."

See, redbean,
the gahmen has already imply to those FT and local with:
"Get the fuc#$# out of my elite uncaring face. You here to generate $$$ for us, and don't you dare to negotiate term with me."

Well, you get the picture where all the debate and nonsense is just one-sided and wayang as whether one like it or like, the pappies is going to implement the policies anyway.

"If whities came to Redbean site, they too will ask Redbean to "Get your blog out of my elite uncaring eye"

Matilah_Singapura said...

Dream on people.

A referendum only counts if the people own their cuntry.

The people of S'pore haven't owned their cuntry for decades.

redbean said...

profound my fren.

who then owns singapore?

Matilah_Singapura said...


The State, of course!