vibrancy in parliament

It is heartening to hear the views of MPs in Parliament yesterday. They are now more vocal and suggesting or demanding that the Govt consider the views put up by them for consideration. Hopefully there will be some changes to whatever that have been decided. It will be a very significant change from the past when any paper tabled will be passed lock, stock and barrel. The notable speakers yesterday were Inderjit Singh, Ho Geok Choo, Cynthia Phua and Ahmad Magad. Not to forget Lily Neo who had pushed for raising the legal assistance to the needy from $260 to $400. Now we are seeing some vibrancy in Parliament.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think parliament should be dissolved permanently, as well as the state, the entire territory full privatised and parliament house sold to someone like Ong Beng Seng, Far East or Li Ka Shing to be turned into a hip riverside property.

The only hope for S'pore as a country which belongs to The People is to rid itself of The State as much as possible as soon as possible.

These fuckers talking cock in parliament can only do so because of the taxes (legalised theft) forcibly taken off the backs of hard-working S'poreans.

Our cuntry was formed in laissez faire principles. for the benefit of present and future generations, it is crucial to return to those principles.

The alternative:


Anonymous said...

Pleeease do not say " our country ". You contribute nothing, only criticise. Therefore you have no share and no claim to this little red dot, good or bad. You are a quitter, so stay out!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck you. I have my birth-right, and I will do as I please.

You want me to stay out? I dare you to try :)

Wanna have a go? C'mon, let's see what stuff you are really made of

Anonymous said...

Using the F-word is all you are good at. I am glad you are no longer in Singapore. We do not neeed people like you and we are so glad you are gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish. We rather have a FT in exchange for a loser such as yourself. Stay out and pleeeease do not call yourself a Singaporean, albeit you might be born here.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My dear anonymous,

Might I remind you that I posses a vocabulary far superior to yours.

> Using the F-word is all you are good at. <

"F-word"? What are you? A spotty faced infant, or a full-grown, toilet-trained adult. For goodness sake, write the "F-word" out properly.

Type: F U C K. Try it a few times. See? It's not that hard. You won't end up in purgatory, I promise you.

Also—not that it ought to matter to you—I do posses highly-developed skills other than "Using the F-word". For instance, I can tie my shoes and comb my hair. I can also kick your ass, and with their expressed and explicit consent (i.e. "Fuck me Matilah, fuck me!"), fuck the shit out of any female member of your family—except the fat, old and ugly ones, or the ones with one tit or missing teeth. :)

I would also like to politely remind you that the correct spelling to the English word most commonly used for a polite request is PLEASE, and not Pleeease or pleeeease. Might I suggest you install a good spell-checker on your computer so that you don't give away the fact that your level of education is way below par.

Other than that, you are entitled to your opinion, and I shall get on with my life and do as •==> I <==• please, not do as to please you—who in my reality are insignificant.

As for my challenge to you to make me stay out of Singapore, it still stands.

Are you up to it?

I think not.

redbean said...

hello hello,

disagreement in views should not lead to excellence in vulgarities. let's try to address issues rather than touching on individuals.

the fact that matilah is so passionate about singapore and still keeping himself so well informed about our affairs, he might expressed them negatively, shows that he is still every bit a singaporean.

just because a person call himself an australian or american, carries the citizenship of a country, does not make that person what he claims to be.

there are many new citizens in singapore carrying our pick ic and red passports and residing here. in reality they are strangers here with dreams somewhere else.

matilah may call himself australian and lives in perth. actually he has not left. he is here, thanks to internet. emotionally he is one of us.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually I'm an individual. The fact that I "own" a pink IC is only one facet of my complex and complicated character (identity).

Sure I criticise: I want The State out of my country. I want my motherland back.

Anyone else here feel the same way?

redbean said...

looks like no one agrees with you. those who agrees need to say so or opt out. otherwise they have opted in.

this is singapore's version of voluntarism.