training for better pay

Phillipines upgrading maid skills for higher pay I am very encouraged by this move from the Phillipines govt. They are giving more training to their maids, repackage them and market them with their higher skills and training. With the kinds of training and education Singaporeans are getting, from the world best education system and world class universities, Singaporeans should repackage themselves as world class employees and should demand a higher pay. Tell their potential employers that they are better educated and better trained than the FTs and thus should command a higher salary.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Typical govt of a corrupt, shithole cuntry.

Instead of spending the money stolen by taxes on lifting women out of poverty, by giving them a DECENT education, for example, the Philippine govt wants their Filippinas to remain maids

Madame President, you ought to be ASHAMED of yourself.