thai military's political truth

Views of Gen Saprang Kalayanamitr on Thaksin 'During Thaksin's time, the justice system failed to work fairly, and civil servants served his corrupt schemes. The independent institutions supported Thaksin's business, so if the military had not come in, the country would have been damaged even more.' And according to the general they now have enough evidence against Taksin. The one in power has spoken. When the next batch of coup leaders took power, what would they say of the current coup leaders? Would they also say the same thing, and that they have enough evidence to charge them? The whole political truth about power in politics.


Anonymous said...

Thaksin is a crook. Every man and his dog in Thailand knows that.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

your views on thaksin is very strong. i may just say that thaksin is not the only crook in thailand. and those hanging him may be more crooked than him. only on the right side of the power equation.

just like in malaysia. if anwar returns to power, who do you think would be the crooks? or in taiwan, if the kmt is returned to power, see where is chen shuibian going to hide.

Anonymous said...

and in singapore?

redbean said...

singapore is in good hands lah. our govt even gives money, $4 billion, to the people. where else can you find govt giving money to the people?

when you are around i can take the other side's view : )

Anonymous said...

Yah, but you seem to forget where that money came from. It originally came from our own pockets akin to you giving them $50, they give you back $10. You are still out of pocket by $40. What utter rubbish.

Anonymous said...

If my views of Thaksin are strong, then your views of the military junta is equally strong as well. On whta basis do you claim that they are more crooked than Thakshit ? Did they sell away strategic national assets to a foreign government-controlled company and then did not pay tax on the proceeds ?

redbean said...

i agree that the money comes from the people. you will feel happier to take it as doing charity. the gst is a legally correct tax and the people have elected the govt to do it for them. so for such things, can only whine about it but cannot do anything about it.

anyway of feeling better is to believe that the lower income group are better off with our donations, oops, our gst contribution. the govt is helping the rich to help the poor, opting in for everyone.

and don't worry about having strong views here. bloggers are encouraged to have strong views. that makes thing more interesting.

as for strategoc national assets, it depends on one's definition. all the thai workers and massage girls can be strategic national assets. the only difference is whether it is a commercial asset. the sale of shinsat is a commercial deal. see that they are now backing out of the threat, from taking back, buying back, now buying back if singapore wants to sell.

all the jumbos are strategic national assets but on sale around the world.