snippets on fts

Snippets of comments on FTs in Starblog appearing in ST. 'The main issue...is jobs. If every Singaporean is guaranteed a good job...do you think we care so much about foreign talent or immigration?' - Dawn. '...Yes they are from other countries and they may seem to be "infringing" on our "territory" but how many of us can trace our lineage back through the years to the local, indigenous people? Very few.' -Nick '...I was completely unaware that Singaporeans criticise foreign talent...' -Jaymee 'Hard as it may seem, we should try our best to be colour blind and learn from what expatriates can contribute to our society and nation...' -Maia '...I've always found the criticism of foreigners in Spore rather hypocritical. We are an island that relies on everyone else's trade to make our living...foreigners have been coming to Singapore and making a difference for a long time.' -Joe 'As far as I can tell, xenophobia doesn't exist here, in that Singaproeans don't really have a fear of things foreign,....' -Ju Len Simply put, Singaporeans are not xenophobic. They welcome foreigners. There are some concern when their jobs are affected. Otherwise everything goes. This is good and well without looking at the long term consequences of the existence of Singaporeans who have sacrificed for this island and called it home. When Singaporeans could not see the difference of being a citizen and a non citizen, cannot appreciate that the island belongs to them and they need to safeguard it for themselves and children, they are likely to give it away. And should the day come when the new citizens decided against their interests and sold this island away in whatever manner, it is only the Singaporeans to be blamed. Those who do not treasure their heritage deserve to lose them. I find this very disturbing, that a people is so careless about what is theirs and so unthinking about it. In politics, once lost, it is lost forever. You cannot hope that the victor or people in power will be generous or magnanimous to you. Neither can Singaporeans expect the power to be to run this place in the interest of the people. The future leaders can squander everything away. We have failed miserably in national education. At the rate it is going, Singapore is up for grabs by whichever group that has the patient, determination and purposefulness to take this island for themselves. Singaporeans could lose their homeland by default, for being too generous, and simply naive to the point of idiocy.


Anonymous said...

"... a people is so careless about what is theirs and so unthinking about it."

The problem is the people DO NOT THINK this place is theirs. That's why they don't care if it is taken away from them.

redbean said...

that is what i fear. everyone treating this island as a hotel. no ownership, no belonging.

Anonymous said...

Well, your fear is a little too late, Redbean. This has been going on for some time now. There are many Singaporeans with overseas PR status, some even with another citizenship, come back once a year to help themselves to the government goodies. The FTs also milk the country of all the honey, and once done with the milking will go back and retire in their home countries. It will be the heartkand Singaporeans, the so-called stuckers, will be the one holding the final bill.

redbean said...

it is still not late for singaporeans to know their rights and inheritance and demand that they by protected and not be given away.

but alas, most adopt a no care attitude and everyone is living for today and waiting to run away with the money they have made while the time is good. grab as much as one can, buy properties overseas as a escape option.

ya, the heartlanders will be the one left behind, clinging on to their valuable HDB 3 or 4 rm flats. no where to go.

Anonymous said...

The demands have simply fallen on deaf ears. Concerned citizens have been voicing such demands since the first wave of economic migrants hit our shores more than 10 years ago, and what did the people in poer do ? Instead of restricting the number of immigrants, they opened it up even wider. No, I beg to differ but I think the die has already been cast. Five years down the road, the true citizens will be but a minority in their own country. It is well and truly too late to do anything.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I used to give a shit about what was used to be My Country.

However, due to the lack of vigilance on their part, The People of what was used to be My Country allowed The State and its thugs to steal the country off The People.

So now, I treat what was used to be My Country as a HOTEL — enjoyed as a "home away from home".

It is comical to observe: the "worker bees" are bent over and sodomised by the Hotel Management in their constant quest to "be No. 1" and remain "globally competitive and productive". Ah, yes, I do enjoy the occasional entertainment and leisure activity of watching xxx-rated gang-bang anal sex hardcore porn. :-)

It is GREAT to be a foreigner in what was used to be My Country. I get paid more than a "local", I get better treatment, I can shelter my Australian earnings by charging clients from a S'pore registered business... and of course enjoy chalk up the frequent flyer miles so I can have a darn good time following my passion: which is being a beach bum, and Asia has many beaches to be a bum in — especially Thailand. :-)

Any self-respecting and responsible parent will do their darnedest to protect their kids from the virus of State influence.

But don't take my word for it. See "Quitter's Gallery" (scroll down) found at this website.

You will observe that becoming a "quitter" is a popular idea amongst the state officials who are in the highest office. what is good enough for them, ought to be good enough for EVERYONE.

redbean said...

any self respecting parents will protect their wealth and inheritance for their children.

would this apply to the state?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Absolutely not! And here is the reason:

The State has a territorial monopoly on law and taxation, which means that everyone and everything in the territory is essentially "owned" by The State.

All well and good... but...

The State is managed by a government which essentially is a GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS who have the power (monopoly) of The State at their disposal.

Now consider the imperfection of Man as well as is his fallibility. How then, can it be that The People allow a bunch of humans, as fucked up and imperfect as themselves to have absolute power with fuck-all accountability?

Private ownership of their own country is the only way for long-term stability, freedom and prosperity.

Beware of allowing 40 years of PAP rule and economic prosperity to cloud your reason of how this will turn out in the long term.