singaporeans can lose their heritage

I read with trembling fear a letter posted by a Pavin Limanont in the forum page of the Straits Times. He was lecturing a Mr Quek as being xenophobic for standing the ground that political leaders in Singapore must be Singaporeans. Pavin's position is simple and rather naive, claiming that we should accept talents as they are and he would rather be led by a foreigner who is good than by a Singaporean. Theoretically I can agree with this kind of thinking. But in reality, I will strongly oppose such thought. Not that I am xenophobic. For the world is structured in a way that is less than idealistic. The real world is still a world of tribes, race and religion. Once a people slips and loses political control over their lives, they will become subservient to another group. Singaporeans must not be lulled into living in hollywood, that the whole world is their oyster and the world loves them. One wrong step is all it takes for Singaporeans to become extinct. We should invite talented foreigners here, as citizens as well if they want to. We must not have the idea that we should take in ship loads of rubbish and call them Singaporeans at the expense of Singaporeans. If Singaporeans cannot feel passionately as Singaporeans and claim this piece of real estate as theirs, and fight to keep it as theirs, they deserve to lose their heritage.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, is this Pavin the same as the "I grew up with hollywood movies, therefore I aspire to be American" clown sometime back ?

Be fair said...

Redbean, on what basis do you infer that the new citizens are trash ? There may be a couple of bad hats, that's inevitable but to extend that to all the new immigrants, be they citizens or just PRs is a bit of a stretch. Surely, if they are as you put it trash, they will not last even a week in the high-stress, fast moving workplace in Singapore. Why don't we see these trash being booted out by the boatloads by our companies who employ them ?

redbean said...

hi be fair, welcome to the blog.

ya, the expression is quite heavy. it provokes a little. taking from a selfish singaporean point of view, it will be good to have fts who could add more value to the mix. but definitely there are those that are no better than ordinary singaporeans or worst.

and if we stretch the number into the millions, when talking about 6.5 million, and if they do it just for the sake of numbers, you bet many thrash will come ashore.

i am more concern about this 'over reaction syndrome' where things go overboard. in this, the 6.5 million figure is going overboard. and coming to implementation, it can only be worst.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck that shit about "losing the heritage". Singapore is a cuntry of immigrants anyway — there has always been CONSTANT immigration... even before the British got there.

People forget: Singapore is smack in the middle of the sea trading routes which have existed for centuries.

Thus the "heritage" is constantly being added to, not taken away.

I'd be glad to see the cuntry returned to the people. At the moment the people have lost their cuntry to the state.

...and the Sheeple get the government they deserve!

abao said...


redbean said...

you cannot raise the sea level by dumping sand into the ocean. but certainly you can raise the level of water in a bathtub.

we are as big as a bathtub.

Anonymous said...

Increased population means more tax earnings to the country, leading to a corresponding increase to our performance pay pegs; anything else is just noise and besides the point.

redbean said...

money is not everything. the earlier one gets to know this, the happier one becomes, and life becomes more meaningful.

happy new year.

redbean said...

opps, i forget. money is everything to those who did not have. and a little kindness from those who have plenty and able to give them a little will go a long way.

would this be a new beginning for those who have plenty to start thinking of helping those who did not have instead of helping themselves with more?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Money is simply a medium of exchange. Actually we don't use money any more — we use currency. (but the word "money" is used because it always has)

However, people have all sorts of emotional attachments to money. That's where the problems begin — the emotions.

Money is definitely not everything, but money is definitely needed to sustain life. Sustaining life too is not everything. It is what one does with one's life which counts.

But one thing is for sure: without money (how much is needed varies individually), no one can do much with their life.