Signing up for National Health Insurance Scheme is painless

Signing up for National Health Insurance Scheme is painless The is as much as what the ST editorial today is trying to say. It is a great scheme and everyone loves it. Better still, it is painless. Just make sure you can afford to pay for it. And only $30! Sure the people can afford it. Just another miserable $30 for a safety net. Let's add up how much in total? Medishield for self, for spouse, for parents?, and now for children. life insurance for self, for spouse, fire insurance, car insurance, add them together, how much insurance cost will it be? No sweat. People are not opting in is because of inertia. Just make it easy for them. And the most innovative idea is to opt them in. So all in unless opted out.


Matilah_Singapura said...

This is unsustainable in the long-term.

Imagine a pyramid game... the people way down the end of the chain, many years in the future will get screwed.

Pyramid games are illegal in most states. However it is The States themselves which organise the most tyrannical pyramid games ever: HDB, CPF and now public health.

Good luck! (because all you have is hope in this guaranteed-to-fail system)

redbean said...

the 6.5 million is to keep the pyramid game in the property market going.