savings from shelved court complex

Shelving plan for an ultra modern Subordinate Court $462 million were returned to the govt when plans to have an ultra modern Judiciary complex at Havelock Road was shelved. How would this impact on the cost of living of the people? Havelock Road is prime land and the cost of such a complex will eventually lead to higher cost to the people. Even parking fees to attend court will be more expensive in the heart of the city. A fabulous looking building is not what the court and judiciary system is all about. It is all about justice as Subhas Anandan put it, 'I don't think lawyers care about the bearing of the buildings. The bearing of justice is what comcerns us.' I have a little suggestion. Convert a block of unsold HDB flats in Jurong West into a new Subordinate Court complex. As long as it is near the MRT, transportation should not be a problem for the ordinary people. And the over cost can be lower. HDB also can get rid of the unsold and unwanted flats.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I have an even better idea — privatise the whole damn island.

When this is the case, then the private owners of any projects which fail will have to bear the cost of failure themselves, instead of passing-the-buck i.e. the cost of their failure onto the hapless public — who were never consulted and voluntary gave their permission in the first place.

I also am a fan of a private market system of competing courts — i.e. no monopoly on the enforcement of the law by a single judiciary.

In that way the public (We, The People) can get to choose their courts by themselves being The Judges of their own justice systems, so that they, the public have the choice to AVOID dealing with lawyers and judges who "don't care" (in this case about JUSTICE) and choose the people who do care instead.

redbean said...

hahaha, fat hope.

the monopoly of power and control is a basic and selfish instinct of man.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is always hope!

It depends entirely on The People to realise that they have the power, not The State.

In other words, their destiny is in their own hands.