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Quote of the Day Prof Cohen pointed out on a public lecture in LKY-school on 13 Feb 2007, that the 6.5 million population is risky and will have dire consequences. "Singapore does not grow its foods, so it is dependent on a world economy that permits trade. If there is no trade, Singapore is SUNK!". Maybe the govt can consider giving the people and new citizens an option. Since everything here is run like a business and with bottom line the main consideration, let us compute the wealth of each citizen in Singapore, using the value of the piece of real estate and all the monetary value of the nation's assets. With this figure, every citizen be allowed to opt out of this country and be paid that amount. Funny that I use the term opt out so naturally. And any new citizen coming in can acquire a citizenship by paying an equivalent amount. I think this is fair as he/she will inheriting the wealth of a nation built up over the years by several generations.


Anonymous said...

I don't see why we should pay the quitters. I you want to quit, quit but go with what you own but take nothing else.Empty your bank account, sell your property, car and anything you cannot carry with you.

Anonymous said...

I think this is fair as he/she will inheriting the wealth of a nation built up over the years by several generations.

Then FTs/New Citizens will KNOW the myth that without them we will collapse.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think that the water issue is far more pressing than food.

If there was ever a water crisis, people would be dead within days. Infection would be rampant as sewers and toilets cease to work.

Singapore will drown and sink in a pool of piss and shit.

... and the first people high-tailing out of the chaos will be the foreign talent and othe "global" citizens.

Wanna bet?

redbean said...

singaporeans must learn to claim what is rightly fully theirs and no one can take it from them to give away to others.

Matilah_Singapura said...

That is unlikely to happen if they — the majority of Singaporeans — continue to vote so that their HDBs are upgraded.

If the vote is tied to the HDB policies, then that means the state will always have the upper hand in "controlling" the people.

How one political party could maneuver its way into this kind of awesome control is not the fault of the political party but ultimately the fault of the people who refuse to help themselves by voluntary cooperation.

Thankfully, the "rebel" wards refused this nonsense and set an example. However whether the rest of the cuntry has the guts to follow suit is a moot point.

Once government institutions are politicised (and it is only a matter of time before they will), those services and institutions no longer serve the public. In fact, they are used to bully the public into compliance with the political motives of the government. The State is supposed to be politically neutral, but it never is.

About the "dependency mentality: — It is just like a spoilt lazy bum who lives off his parents all his life. As long as he obeys his parents, he will get money and support, and thus can remain a spoilt lazy bum.

redbean said...

the thais are great as long as they believe in loyalty to the king and that it is the right of the king to rule them.

singaporeans also have their own belief.