the other side of truth

Met up with several friends over the holidays and heard many success stories and many millionaires and billionaires. Not that this is news. Have been hearing a lot of such richness from friends, clients and acquaintances. There are many cash rich and high net worth people in this little place. So I was thinking, maybe I should change my tact, talk about all the great and successful Singaporeans, about the good life, about people buying their 3rd or 4th limousine that cost half a million or their 5th or 6th landed properties in prime areas with cash. What, people struggling to buy a 3 room HDB flat? Gracious me! Now would that be more uplifting than to gripe about 20c increases in transport fares or desperate people who cannot make ends meet? Why bother with such people who have only themselves to be blamed for their failures or inability to seize all the chances available to them in this land of opportunities. Maybe, maybe I shall ignore them and tell the brutal truth!

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