opt in again

Another great voluntary contribution A letter from Ronald Ang in the Today paper complained about the plight of the single senior citizens who have toiled their lives away to build what Singapore is today but left out from the Budget 2007. He praised Lily Neo for fighting to raise their allowances from the state from $260 to $400. For those strong and able and very meritorious, they would have their counter arguments against throwing free money at these people who are unable to keep up with the hectic pace of development and are now a pathetic and helpless group. Probably Ronald Ang knew that his plea or Lily Neo's proposal would not amount to anything. So he suggested the thing that Singaporeans knows best, set up an Elderly Welfare Fund. And how to get the money for the fund? Opt in everyone. Here his suggestion includes PRs and foreigners earning $3,000 and above, to make a voluntary monthly contribution towards the fund, like the CDAC/Sinda/Mendaki funds. It is voluntary, definitely. All will just be opt in. Maybe this scheme will have an opt out option. How nice.

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