of press freedom

'You'd lose all credibility if you are known to censor or fabricate news. To maintain your credibility, you have to develop a reputation for reporting, not distorting, the facts. When you become a journalist in Singapore, you have one of the most difficult jobs.' Kishore Mahbubani Kishore talking about the myth of press freedom in the US and the myth of lack of press freedom in other countries. He also commented about the Iraq world and how the press reacted to it. 'Instead, he found a culture of silence. There was little debate. Indeed, there was a tremendous amount of intimidation.' Now that sounds very familiar.


Anonymous said...

What about journalists who are forched to practise self censorsip? I wonder if their integrity is compromised. Do they sleep well at night, I wonder?

redbean said...

we all need to earn a living right?

got to be realistic and tread the ground carefully and avoid landmines.

Anonymous said...

I understang all that, if I find I cannot stomach the rules becos they go against my belief, then I would rather not do that job. I like sound and peaceful sleep at night without quilt and a clear conscience.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Freedom of press is limited to those who own one"H. L. Mencken, who himself was a journalist.

Normally, I have nothing but utter contempt for the folks who work in Big Media. However, I have more contempt for the state who regulates its media, or nationalises its media for propaganda purposes. Therefore, the journalist, reporter, editor et al, who are employed by Big Media, yet guided by their own conscience, and have the GUTS to speak out AGAINST the hand which feeds them commands my highest respect for them as first-class human beings.

Media people who command my respect are people such as: William Safire, Michael Savage, Anne Coulter, John Stossel, Michael Moore, Amy Goodman, Matt Drudge, and others. I don't care where their political compass points, I respect them because they tell it like it is. And I don't agree with a lot of their opinion, but I have never had a problem with liking or respecting people I don't agree with. For example: Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now" is far-left, and Anne Coulter is quite the opposite — she is so far right she makes Maggie Thatcher look like a communist. If I were to have any "favourites" that would be John Stossel from ABC's 20/20.

Because we live in a world, where the ultimate territorial legal entity are (with a few exceptions) The State, and the power of those states extends to virtually everything in the realm — especially economics and commerce, you will find that eventually Big Media and The State will become cosy bum-buddies and "scratch each others' backs". And the first casulty is of course, the truth.

Big Media has always been the LOUDHAILER of the government, assisting the government in its creation and dispensation of DISINFORMATION. The KGB of Soviet Russia, for example were responsible for controlling the media in Russia — Dezinformatsiya. Big Media in Soviet Russia of course State Media.

So here we have it: In communist Russia, the media is controlled by the state. In so-called "free societies", the media is the handmaiden of the state. See the common "evil" in both seemingly politically opposite systems? That common agent is none other than The State.

In Singapore, Big Media is definitely part of The State's apparatus. It is very difficult for me to respect anyone who works for, or with S P H, as they are simply lapdogs to the government. One exception of course is present company: redbean, who at the very least has the cohonas to self-publish his own point of view.

matthew said...

Redbean is the freedom of press editor for Singapore. Forget about strait times, and newspaper regulated under control of gahmen. We are Singaporean and need truth not half-false and half-true news. We deserve to be treated with respect and we are not your gahmen's tools for manipulation.

redbean said...

hi matthew,

welcome to the blog. as more citizens start to speak up, as more start to think for themselves, cyberspace will be more interesting.

it will be great if cyberspace can have more eminent posters like citizen lee. it will give cyberspace more credibility. no bloggers or forumers can have the kind of exposure like citizen lee in msm and not be hammered.