no need medical insurance after 60

No need medical insurance for above 60 Why is medical cost so high and eating into our savings? One reason, other than a service where cost can only go up and not down, is our reluctance to let go of life. For those who have all the money, who have a wonderful life to lead, by all means, live as long as possible. On the other extreme there are those who would be happier quitting living. There is no need to continue to hang on to a miserable living. There is a lack of education on this aspect of life, of life after death. Everyone has to take this path and all the religions have something to say. Some good and some bad and some fear. People must be comfortable to leave this world without fear. It is a certainty and no exception. When the time comes, people must be allowed to leave peacefully. Keeping people alive, forcefully, or through medical aid, may be more harmful or painful than being dead, more unfortunate, more suffering than being release to live another new life. For those who believe that this is the only life there is and nothing else after this life, they are free to cling on to this life for as long as they want. This is matter of belief. No one is wiser.


Anonymous said...

"People must be comfortable to leave this world without fear."

I don't think anyone can be so brazen as to say that he or she does not fear death for the simple reason that what lies beyond is unknown. People fear what they do not know. It is a lot more complicated than reassuring people there is nothing to fear about the grim reaper.

redbean said...

if the religious people do their jobs well, many will not be so fearful. i for one is comfortable to go when all my children are on their own and all my responsibilities are over.

Speedwing said...

Redbean, surely you would want to have a few years of happy retirement and maybe play with grand children. Life is not over when you stop work. I have been having a wonderful retirement for the last 6 years and looking forward to many more.

redbean said...

oh sure. i am in a stage where i am not sure whether i am working or retired. but i will be doing things till probably the very last day.

one needs to be doing something, like enjoying the children and grandchildren or pounding the keyboards, sure : )

glad you are having a wonderful time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you are old and fucked up, you have only yourself to blame.

I ask the question to the whinging old farts:

"You had all that time to get your act together. What the FUCK have you done with your life?"

Everyone dies lah. No one knows how, where or when. Think of it as the Ultimate Surprise :)