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no deals under threats

No deals under threats It is good that Singapore did not offer any forms of aid during the current flood in Jakarta except for one or two organisations that thought that helping ingrates are ok. Now the moronic leadership is showing what they really are, tribesmen donning on modern day suits and pretending that they know how to behave in the international stage. They wanted to use threats and pressure to coerce another nation, maybe small, to sign a treaty that can be subject to more moronic abuses? Singapore should just call off the talks and wait for another century for civilisation to return to Jakarta before talking to them on diplomacy. And Singapore shall always remember that cavemen do not get civilised overnight and cavemen antics of using the clubs to clobber their neighbours is something that they must be prepared to live with. But definitely not allow itself to be clobbered and also not be an eager beaver to please. You just cannot please primitive cavemen.


Anonymous said...

As Singapore is so against corruption, why is Singapore so opposed to the Indonesians taking steps to reduce corruption in their country. Is it because by doing so, it will stop the flow of illegal and dirty money into Singapore?

Anonymous said...

and another thing, currently sand coming into Singapore are from "other sources". Are these "other sources" from illegal mining by some Indonesians out to make a quick buck? If so, should Singapore buy the sand knowing it is illegal? I wonder.

redbean said...

i only see a bunch of triad leaders trying to catch some thieves and share the loot.

what is corruption and what is not is very subjective without a transparent and just legal system.

look at thailand and what is happening to the thaksin family? look at all our neighbours, you may want to include ourselves, and ask what is corruption and what is not.

the other issue is whether legal is right or wrong. there are many things that are legal but just as corrupt. if official A corruptly gets a permit to sell sand, and sell them legally, is it legal or acceptable?

Anonymous said...

To your last question, NO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"i only see a bunch of triad leaders trying to catch some thieves and share the loot."

The above statement can be applied equally to our oh-ever-so-honets MIW, giving themselves fat pay rises when the lower income families have seen their household income decrease in the last 10 years. They may have made it legal but is it acceptable ?

Anonymous said...

Well said, I am glad there are some who can see the real picture.

redbean said...

cannot say that of our national leaders. they are working themselves grey for the good of the people and country and deserve every cent they are getting.

now this is a politically correct statement for a new year.

Anonymous said...

cannot say or dare not say?

redbean said...

you see, when people say good, i say bad. when people say bad i say good.

my stand is always contrarian, to provoke discussion.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you wanted to give the world an enema, Indonesia is a good place to stick in the pipe :)

"Corruptasi" is a part of Indonesian life. Whilst it is not written down in the (new) constitution, corruptasi is an indelible fact woven into the social fabric of Indonesian life, and if it is to change it will occur very slowly over time... and it could change for the worse — lest we forget!

I have posted my responses to this recent diplomatic spat with Indonesia at Singabloodypore