nkf story - a wrong is a wrong is a wrong..

More accolades for Durai PN Balji, Editorial Director of Today paper wrote another scintillating accolade on Durai. '...Durai operated with the shrewdness of a politician, the zeal of an evangelist, the sophistication of a businessman, the smoothness of a marketeer and the killer punch of a lawyer.' In his article, no where did he mentioned anything wrongful, that what he done was wrong and unacceptable. What about the patients that suffered because of the mismanagement? What about the hurt inflicted on all the innocent and sincere Singaporeans who donated generously to the NKF but now taken as fools, naive beyond salvation? What about all the actors and actresses, all the dignitaries that were robed in to shore up the prestige of the charity but now looking like asses? I think all these talks of talents and greatness should be stopped unless we want to tell the Singaporeans that it is good and respectable to be clever in mismanagement. Where is the conscience of the people, what kind of moral values are we trying to impart to the people?


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you are very wrong on this count. Durai is no crook, not when he has the wife of a senior Cabinet minister backing him up. It is blasphemous to even think that she would knowingly back a crook.

redbean said...

oops, my apologies, i never mention durai is a crook.