nkf story - tragedies begin

The tragedies beginning Once the shining knights that were paraded in front of the media, on screen and in the MSM, in the companies of dignitaries, feasted by the highest office, receiving heaps of praises from all corners, now one by one is falling down like straw men. After being put on the witness box, one by one crumbled and shrank. As each day passes, they retreated deeper into themselves. Scheming, conspiring, unethical, brainless, opinionless, lost, empty heads, concealing information, distorting information, fabricating lies etc could not describe enough of the characters of this show. The only one that is still standing like a hero is Durai. He still comes across as a great organiser, a leader of men and women. Maybe it is easier when men and women were easily cowed or led. And he was even praised as a visionary by senior govt officials. Greatness cannot be easily tarnished. Our society really appreciates talents. What is unbecoming is that so far none of them has shown any sense of shame, or that they have done something seriously wrong. They are all still holding their heads high, and smilingly away. Not a single sense of guilt. Maybe this is just a civil suit and no guilt is involved or implicated. It is just individuals claiming against another individual. When will the heads be held down? When will the silly smiles be wiped off their faces? When will anyone of them feel that they have done wrong? Is this a fault of our education system? Or is it the fault of the wrong values that our society have nurtured? Or is it just personal values of individuals?


Anonymous said...

this is the result of the rule of mammon. you develop a shell of outward uprightness and success. but when you put the leadership, who are protected by our legal system, to the test, you will be shocked to uncover canker in the hearts of the nation.

i have never met an honest or a person of integrity who has been sold to the service of mammon. it is impossible.

and the disease encompasses everyone who share in its venom.

they masses end up becoming machine idiots.

redbean said...

sugar coating or gold plating.

in many countries, many crooks or successful businessmen, just put on their finely cut suit and tie, and walked around like a dandy, to pass off as rich, successful, talented and morally upright men.

hope our countrymen are not deceived by such charades. how many of the dandies are such and paraded as leaders and supertalents?