nkf story - End of Chapter One

Applause to Shanmugam and Allen and Gledhill for a job well done and bringing honour to the legal profession. Shanmugam and his team from Allen and Gledhill not only did their homework thoroughly, they are donating the cost of their labour to the new NKF. They are not profitting a cent from the whole process, to return the loot to the rightful owner. Who says that everyone must work for money or for a fee? After what they have uncovered, the verdict was beyond doubt and is only a matter of time to call it a day. And Shanmugam graciously offered the defendants a way out and save them further embarrassments from more revelation of the ugly truth. What's next? Would the old NKF Board of Directors and management make a public apology to the people of Singapore and the patients that suffered under their watch? Or would they still think that they have not done wrong? Or would an apology compromise their position in the coming criminal trial? With so many admissions, this civil suit is like a trial run for the state prosecutors. And so many facts and evidence are now laid bare that there is really no where to run. Would anyone now say that there is no criminal case or there is insufficient evidence to put up a prima facie case against the potential accuse?


Anonymous said...

Redbean, someone somewhere will say " for the good name of Singapore, don't air dirty linen in public, lets forgive and forget. Enough, lets move on ".

Anonymous said...

Red Bean: Just ignore this retard (anon 10:47).

Anonymous said...

anon 2.25 am, if you cannot get the real meaning of my post, you are a real retard. Sorry, you are born this way, not you fault really.

redbean said...


hi guys, i used to write this way and sometimes people read it literally and missed my point. we need to read 'in btw the lines' as they said.

what i hope all you people here can do is to tease each other or disagree with each other but on a playful basis.

just like foul mouth matilah. but his vulgarity is just part of him, nothing more nothing less. oops.

he is still a great guy in his own foul way: )

Anonymous said...

Ya lah, should forgive and forget. Didn't Jesus say, let he who has no sin cast the first stone or something to that effect ? Everyone has dirty linen and skeleton in their closets. It's just a matter of whether they're discovered.