nkf story - affairs of the duds

Affairs of the Duds Excerpts from NKF Vice Chairman Alwyn Lim's emails were anything but flattering. On Richard Yong, Chairman of NKF 'He was able to bluff his way into some of his previous jobs but had not been successful in any.' 'Mr Durai decided to have a salaries review committee - a useless committee as it would be Richard Yong, Loo Say San...the usual rubber stampers.' 'Richard Yong on most occasions served no useful purpose beyond being a travelling mate for T.T.' On Loo Say San, Treasurer, 'Loo is a nice person, but naive as they come. They don't come any more naive than he!!!' 'I had written him confidential email which he forwarded to T.T. without permission. I had done that knowing that he would be stupid enough to forward the mail.' On Durai, CEO and the real Boss of NKF, 'I have questioned T.T. about the folly of having directors who are compliant and about a board which accepts his reports without questioning. He had answered he 'likes it that way'.' On the former board members 'I have no problems with T.T's honesty. I have my reservations about the competence and integrity of some of the members.' After all that he said, the whole board is like a board of duds. And there is absolutely no need to have any reservation about their competence and integrity. Why bother with duds? And Durai still stands out as an honest man. At least he is honest enough to admit that he likes to be surrounded by duds. And he knew that they were all duds to be kept in the board to serve him and his plans. Question is why would such a bunch of handsome and well acclaimed talents of this great island of talents allowed themselves to be duds? Or they may not know that they were duds in the eyes of Durai. It seems that the only thinker other than Durai is Alwyn whose perception of the whole play and plots and actors and actresses is precise beyond belief.

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