new owner to settle debt of ex owner of property

Starhub demands new houseowner to clear debt of ex owner. Lawrence Chong Yong Wah bought a landed property and wanted to subscribe to Starhub's cable TV. He was told to pay more than $2,400 owed by the ex owner before he can subscribe to Starhub's services. The above info was from Lawrence Chong's letter in the ST on 17 Feb 07. Now this is happening in Singapore, where one has to pay for another's debt. I thought only loansharks apply pressure on the neighbours of their debtors.


Matilah_Singapura said...

NO problem lah. Corporate cock-up.

I have an easy solution to ensure that Starhub retains its good name: fire the local idiot who is doing this to a customer, and hire a foreigner as a replacement :)

redbean said...

wow, so clever.

i support the suggestion.