new budget and gst goodies

New budget will be goodies galore Charles Chong said, "Prime Minister aLee Hsien Loong had earlier said that the poor will receive 'far more' than what they pay in higher prices. So I think we can expect a very generous package for them, othewise the point of raising the GST will be lost." Just keep your fingers crossed


Anonymous said...

I am also keeping my toes cross. With all my 8 fingers crossed for so long, I find it difficult to work. After Feb 15 I will know if all the torture I have been through has been worth it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In all my rants about state welfare I deliberately left something out. This is to give those cry-baby, busy-body uncharitable motherfuckers more rope to hang themselves with.

State welfare is the worst idea to afflict the social order — it negates and corrupts everything good about charity, generosity, altruism and benevolence.

State welfare rests on the idea that if you have something someone else "needs", then the state can act as a legitimate agent to forcibly remove your property from your possession and redistribute it to the "needy".

The linguistic connotation of "needy" is some hard-luck case who is in the gutter of the social order — the economic basket cases, the so-called "poor" (an impossibility in a wealthy developed cuntry like S'pore)

However, cry-baby and busy body wankers (who won't get off their arses and help, and scream at the govt to do the "helping" instead) get so lost in their emotion that they neglect the real danger of social welfare.

The other side of the coin — the one I failed to mention to trap these fraudulent LIAR cry-baby-busy-bodies is that social welfare once accepted also means welfare for the rich, and welfare for corporations — like protective tarrifs, regulation, govt subsidies etc.

The same thing happens when welfare for the rich and powerful occurs: the state takes from one group and re distributes to the special interest group.

I see the tax cuts for the corporation as 'welfare for the rich" (although any tax cut is welcome) — because other taxes — the GST — is INCREASED and the worst hit by this are the poor, people on fixed income, students, housewives, the retired.

Beware the welfare state. My prediction is MATILAH SINGAPURA. Why? Because it seems no one wnat to cooperate VOLUNTARILY to solve their "needs". The middle class ask the gov for help: e.g. HDB housing, the poor wnat help, the rich want help, the corporations want help....

That's it... the people are going to run their cuntry to the ground, and the govt is actually powerless to stop this from happening — because the citizens are demanding the govt to "help" everyone.

Sure die one lah!

Anonymous said...

matilah, you talk a load of rubbish. however, you are entitltd to you one-track mind opinion.

Anonymous said...

CrazyLoong says that GST is to help the poor. I totally believe him 100% wholeheartedly and everyone, including YOu, Redbean, should do so. Why I'm so bloody sure ?

Guess who's the poor are ?

Because The POOR ARE THE WHITIES of PAPPIES who claim their salaries worth millions is still below standard of private sectors.

Pappies are always be poor no matter how much money pay to them. Jack Neo's next sequel to "Money Not Enough" part 3 film should be about the Ministers and Whities complaining MoneyNotEnough to the public and how they successful make money enough for them eventually for a season. It will show the process of building ERP, privatised car park, sell leased land, import FT to replace local so generate more money etc.

I'm looking forward to this sequel by JackNeo, and i'm sure everyone including George Bush are also eager to watch this highly-grossed and controversial film in Singapore history. Probably will nominated for the best documented and real-life film in grammy award.

redbean said...

the theme is ingenious. it is a creative way of looking at things.

you should talk to jack neo and sell him your ideas and intellectual property rights. you can be right man.

Anonymous said...

Thank, RedBean,
For the good of public, I don't intend to sell the copyright or any IP (if any, haha) because I want to do a public a service. A service to expose the life our so called Elite whities who are paid to read ready-made and popaganda script.

Anonymous said...

We need leader to really care about the public not finding ways to increase cost here and there and then tell for the benefit of us.

Singaporeans are no moron. Gov should give us outstanding reasons of the increase and show accountability and transparency.

redbean said...

the frozen ice on a mountain slope will not slide down but in an avalanche.