a nation of threats?

Are we turning into a nation of threats? Recently we saw a video clip of a commuter threatening violence against a bus driver. Then we have people being threatened in court and sued to pay damages. And now redbean is being threatened with consequences. For the commuter it is a case of someone who is ready to use his fist to strike at another, even threatening the bus driver with more violence. But in the other cases, they were more from people either with money or power that they used to threaten ordinary Singaporeans. Some of these people even have connnections, either with some big establishment or knowing some demi gods or holding some membership cards of clandestine organisations that they can flash around. Are we going to see more of such well connected people going around threatening ordinary Singaporeans? The is kacang puteh man would like to see some of these well connected men and their backgrounds, and their demi gods, being exposed for abuses of power, position and connection. This kacang puteh man is waiting to see if the threat is taken up.


Anonymous said...

Threats and abuse of power to intimidate will become a norm if we carry on this way of life. It is almost inevitable that we become more like the western countries. Eastern graciousness, civility, courtesy and tolerance have been eroded and we are sometimes even more vulgar that the west. Where money and material possession become GOD, something must give way. Redbean, so how?

redbean said...

when in rome, do as the roman do.

take the threats and face it to the end, especially of the old nkf kind.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The most threatening gang in the land will always be The State.

Every government governs by the "carrot and stick" method.

If you don't believe me, seek the empirical proof for yourself — it is very easy to do.

All you have to do is blatantly disobey the state, and see what happens. Some examples for your "experiment":

1 Arrive in Singapore with a cache of firearms, pornography and illicit drugs

2 Publically criticise the government — try this at 12noon - 2pm at Raffles Place.

3 Refuse to pay your taxes

4 Refuse to turn up for National Service