myth 116

Myth 116 Discrimination myth about NS Discrimination Against NS-serving Singaporeans New graduate, 26, complains about a pressing problem that government will only ignore at great risk. Hardwarezone forum. Feb 20, 2007 Posted by evo Last Friday I went for an interview at this Fabrication plant U..i at Pasir Ris. The fab claims itself as the 2nd largest in the world. It was a one-to-one interview with a fat Taiwanese manager. The very first thing the manager asked me after my introduction was: "I see you are a Singaporean. Do you need to go back to serve NS every year?" I replied Yes, I do need to go back. Taiwanese Manager: "Oh, so you have been going back even during your university studies?" Me: "Yes, at least once per year. Then came the f-up remarks: "How long do you need to go back every year? You know, I once had this Singaporean subordinate. Every year he needed to go back for like two weeks of in camp training, then still needed to apply leave every now and then for some kind of briefing talks by NS." He added: "Worse, he needs to pass some kind of physical test every year, so when he trains for his test by running in the night, he will have no energy to do work in the morning, affect job performance. Then if he fails, need to attend RT, waste of company time. "If every Singaporean needs to do all this, then I rather don't hire you all then. One year you all will have like a few months no need to work due to NS, and you also are quite old compare to other graduates" Singaporean males are going to suffer from this influx of FTs (foreign talents). We don’t even have a f—king even ground to compete on! I am thinking of (a) sending letter to the company..to bring home the point. The Singaporeans interviewed did not say that the govt also rewarded them every year with tax relief and more NSS or ERS. Even the later handouts from the budgets gives NS men more money. And he forgets that the FTs are here to provide more job opportunities for him. At least he got a chance to be interviewed by a FT and be considered for a job in this case. How fortunate.


Anonymous said...

This guy is an idiot, why must he 'tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God' at interview ? Think he probably was not up to scratch, hence got rejected and now trying to pin the blame on discrimination for being liable for NS. Smacks of sour grapes for a sore loser.

redbean said...

there could be another possibility. the ft manager could be provoking his thoughts to see how he handles a bad situation and turns it to his favour by making a stand on it. that will show up some colour and values of the person.

but it could be just an honest fts who thought everything was measured by market value and usefulness and did not care a damn about what his country is all about.

Anonymous said...

Let's be truthful Redbean, if I was hiring someone to work for me, I would definitely be concerned if the guy I am going to hire needs to pack off on a camping trip for 2-3 weeks a year especially if the sort of work that person needs to undertake is very project specific and hence, not that easy to get a replacement to fill in for just that 2-3 weeks. We all do things in a manner that will be beneficial to us. Worse I still have to pay his CPF while he lazes around for those 3 weeks. The FT manager was probably thinking along the same lines. There's nothing wrong with that. The problem is not with the FTs. It is with the Singaporean government's requirment for having these camping trips.

redbean said...

in a world of deceits, seeing the truth is always very painful when one cannot exploit the situation to one's advantage. everyone is making the best he can for his own selfish interest, telling truth and lies all at the same time.

now i am truthful.

TuraiKiller said...

Hi Guys,
stop using FT all the times, they r just alien or simply foreigner. It ready feel very insulting & iritated to see FT nOW & then. Sorry not hard feeling.

Our government shld demolished NS long ago, look @ present populationS more than half are foreignerS (including PR cos not all are doing NS).Why our local guys stil serve NS, THEY simply serve to protect foreigners yet job discrimiation during interview. How to survive here, with low pay job & then forget having children as well.

Anonymous said...

You feel insulted because you are neither foreign nor talented. Another Peesaiporean sucking on sour grapes. HAHA

redbean said...

the term FT is a special term coined in singapore and evokes different feelings to different people. it is an uniquely singapore terminlogy that singaporeans feel very strongly about. just like NS, NKF, CPF etc. we understand these terms like nobody does.

changing it or not using it does not get the problem away. i think it is good to continue to use it. it will become part of our story.

Anonymous said...

bitterness is no better than sour, you know. the remark from anon feb23 8.36am sounds like coming from a frustrated person.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Frankly speaking, when I work in S'pore, I don't include any males who have NS obligations in my projects—it is too disruptive to the smooth flow of project work. It is as simple as that.

I will either hire a guy who has been discharged (ex-SAF regular or older worker), a woman or a foreigner.

Private enterprise fares better without govt interference.

You worthless idiots working for the govt reading this take note, and have a nice day.