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myth 113

Myth 113 Land reclamation causes sea level to rise I read this from Sammyboy. And I find this the most logical reason so far for the flooding in Malaysia and Indonesia. You see, we have been reclaiming land from the sea for many years. And land reclamation from the sea means we have to fill them up with sand. And after so many years of filling the sea with sand, of course the sea level will rise. And naturally this will lead to flooding. If you don't believe me, fill a bath tub to half full. Then pour sand into it. Bravo, the water rises in the bath tub. Theory proven. It is so scientific.


Anonymous said...

This is true, floodings in Johor are the result of reclamation of land by Singapore. Now no more sand, so thankfully no more reclamation. Hurrah!!!!

Anonymous said...

let this be a private joke among us

Anonymous said...

Who is joking?

calai said...

The bathtub example is true but also know that the sea is connected to all the oceans on planet Earth. So if the amount of sand dumped can cause a rise in sea level, the same sea level rise would be noticed in USA, Japan, Australia etc etc.... Wow, that is a lot of sand!!!

redbean said...

hi calai,

welcome to the blog. this is classic reasoning and our schools shall consider teaching them in class while we enjoy this thought over a pint.

nice to ponder while in the bath tub.