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Singaporeans need GPS to get around Global Positioning System using satellite and leading edge technology is now a standard feature in Singapore cars. And handphones and smartphones are also increasingly incorporating this feature in them. Singaporeans will be lost in the streets of Singapore. And the situation will be more critical when we are fully built with a 6.5 million population. Getting around Singapore will need the assistance of a GPS. Let me see, how do I get to Orchard Road or Raffles Place? Which button to press? Oops, I have overshot. Now which road to take to return to Orchard Road? But it is a very powerful and handy tool. At least it allows the Singaporeans to save some space in their overused brains for more important things like calculating the odds of a football match or figurine the next Toto numbers. Now there is no need to remember anything, or at least the location of the supermarket or the HDB block of their in laws. Just switch on the GPS and it will take them there. And getting lost in MacRitchie Reservoir or Sengkang will be a problem of the past. Hail the new technology. Hail the GPS.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you only jealous you do not have GPS. I have GPS and I like using it. Very usefull and never get lost. For a non-Singaporean, it is the best thing since slice bread.

redbean said...

ok ok, for non singaporeans, this litle place is still a problem. point taken.

i was just teasing the concept of using satellite technology to find out a location in this place for singaporeans. this is quite a wasteful technology in that sense.

but then there are people like you who still need it. in bigger country it can be very useful if one is travelling.

cheers : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

No big deal. Taxis have been using GPS for about 20 years. GPS is hardly "new". GPS was brought into being by the US military — weapons guidance, that sort of thing.

See what you can do if you are a ÜBER POWER, and have the armaments to back up your claim? :-)

I am paranoid about my own privacy, so I take precautions. I keep a couple of old pre-gps mobile phones, and slip in my SIM when I don't want to be tracked. Of course you can still be tracked on a mobile without GPS, but if you use a new GPS enabled mobile, you can be tracked with an accuracy of a few meters at the most.

In fact, theoretically speaking, someone could lock onto you by GPS and launch a missile at you :-)

Anonymous said...

GPS = Good Piece of Shit