My name is Naomi Lourdesamy

Red Bean please do not mention my father (ignatius lourdesamy) in this blog. My name is Naomi Lourdesamy and he is my dad. If you do not do so by March 2007 there will be consequences I received the above post. I cannot locate where it is posted. Naomi, please enlighten me on where did I mention your father ignatius lourdesamy in my blog. I am still scratching my head. It is not my intention to get personal with anyone and I do appreciate what a daughter would feel. I will gladly remove them. Who is ignatius lourdesamy? Can someone tell me?


Anonymous said...

hahaha Redbean, your secrets are out now. Have you been upseting people in your blog? Ignatius Lourdesamy is certainly a valid name. If you search using google, the name does appear genuine. Watch out Reddy, there will be consequences.

redbean said...

aiyah, sometimes inadvertently may have offended some people one way or another lah. writing blogs is like that one.

but i am very sure that i have not written about ignatius lourdesamy. did not have any impression of him or this name.

any of you seen my posting on this person?

Anonymous said...

Well, you shall have to wait till March to find out the consequences. Hope it will not be something to nasty.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean wrote:
> sometimes inadvertently may have offended some people one way or another lah. <

True, but this time you are as pure as the driven snow ;)

HERE it is.

IMO, you didn't say anything defamatory, inappropriate nor untoward about him. You actually agreed with his opinion.

You should check the veracity of the mail/post by the person claiming to be his daughter. If it is fraudulent, go to the cops immediately. Why? Because you have just been threatened ( no ambiguity there) by "consequences".

Just my 2 satang's worth...

PS pay no attention to the scare-mongering of anonymous 4:38. He/she might just be sowing the seeds of.... whatever...

redbean said...

thanks matilah,

now i remember. i could not remember earlier because i have not meant any ill to ignatius lourdesamy but just quoting his reply in the newspaper.

if that is a case for consequences, let it be. i do not want to be caught hitting anyone without knowing about it.

naomi, if a statement of fact from the newspaper is offending you or your father please let me know where is the offending part. for there was no such intention in that statement of mine or else i will gladly withdrawn it.

redbean said...

'And Ignatius Lourdesamy from the HDB rightly replied that our flats are big, bigger than in Hongkong, Tokyo and Seoul, and bigger than private apartments.'

this is reported in the newspaper. is it inaccurate or offensive? please tell me where is this statement offensive.

the other comments in my post were my opinion and you are free to disagree.

redbean said...

i was so stressed up last night that i could not sleep. i was so worried about the consequences or what could happen to me in the face of this threat. i am now suffering from anxiety and depression.

who knows, i might suffer a stroke or heart attack. or in my tense up mood, i could walk into the street and into the middle of the road and get hit by a car.

whatever it is, i am finding it so difficult to concentrate on my work. i may lose a lot of businesses or make wrongful and costly decisions.

then i might be attacked by someone as i walk out.

hopefully if anything bad happens to me some of you will stand up as witnesses in court so that my family can claim some compensation.

my life is topsy turvy now. this is awfully stressful and frightening. i think i will take matilah's advice and make a police report.

redbean said...

i am now a nervous wreck. oh dear, why is living in singapore so frightening, that people can threaten you for the slightest thing?

Anonymous said...

Surely it is not too difficult for you to find out if this naomi reaaly exist. If so, then find out her address and straighten things out. I think it is all just a misunderstanding. Don't lose any seep over it, I for one will support youif necessary.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

thank you for your support. but my medical bills are going to pile up. i am on stress pills now. maybe will make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

i have come across several lourdesamy who are singaporeans.i think this lourdesamy is also a singaporean.

it will be neat if an ft threatens me. then i will make it a real big issue of a singaporean being threatened by a ft. that will be big news....singaporean threatens on homeground by fts or new singaporeans....wow!

dhanishta said...

hi. my name is rachel. ingatius lourdesamy is my uncle and therefore, unfortunately, naomi is my cousin. sad, i know. don't worry about her or her silly threat. she's a kid and the only thing she could probably do is either scream or cry your ear off. speaking from experience, it isn't something you really wanna endure, but it's by no means something that'll affect you permanently. on my cousin's behalf, i'm really sorry for any trouble or worry she's caused you. (p/s not all lourdesamys are like this)

Anonymous said...

You fuck, typical PAP! Threats instead of reason, power through nepotism.. no wonder this country is going down with ppl like your father running the show!