MPs, please ask questions.

MPs, please ask questions. Inderjit wants more long term solutions to the GST and wants basic goods and services to be exempted. Any MP wants to raise the issue of housewives? I remember that during the last handouts, many MPs lamented that housewives did not benefitted anything and wanted to do something. Would they remember this time to ask more questions? Anyway it is too late. Nothing is going to make any difference. 1000 questions will be just 1000 questions and an after thought.


Anonymous said...

this is what they call noise. whatever s been riase is just white noise that will be filtered out. the budget has already been cast in stone.

redbean said...

When one ask questions, one gets answers. What is the time? The time is 2 o'clock.

What I would like to see is for MPs to standing up and telling the ministers, 'Sir, I propose that this be taken out, or this be added, or i disagree with this position.' Or maybe telling the minister that it is better to do it another way.