more vibrant singapore

More vibrant Singapore to come We are going to get a very vibrant Singapore thru globalisation, more FTs and a 6.5 million population and a caring and super efficient govt. We can see vibrancy in the economy, in the stockmarket, in property prices. We can see vibrancy in sports and international competition. We can see vibrancy in entertainment, more night life, resort style living and casinos. We can see people busy enjoying life, eating, playing and shopping. We can see more exchanges of views, discussions etc like the biomedical debate and Hota. I can expect many of the above to happen. I am wondering whether there will be more exchanges of ideas, alternative views and more discussions in forums, both MSM and cyberspace.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Indeed, this is true — The Party before The Calamity.

Enjoy it you blind deluded fools — you paid for it, and you chose the government you deserve to make it happen.

I take great pleasure in enjoying the self-inflicted suffering of others. It proves that The Buddha was correct: that the individual makes his own "reality" in his mind.

The Roman Empire collapsed as people believed they were having a party.

History repeats itself because our species makes the same mistakes over again.

It's like watching re-runs of your favourite movie! Spectacular!

Speedwing said...

Singapore is coming along nicely. People are relatively happy and comfortable. Workfare and other incentives are in place to upgtade the lower income group. On the whole things are quite upbeat.

Let us not pour cold water on the achievement o the Singaporeans. Sour grapes ??

Matilah_Singapura said...

Oh no definitely not sour grapes, for me anyway. Actually, to me it is like well-aged wine, best savoured when the body is allowed to develop slowly over time, and sipped in the reflective afterglow of being "right" in one's predictions. In other words: a celebration :)

I am the most "positive" person I know, and I am grateful for the causal nature of the universe — which exacts justice on the ignorant.

A welfare state is unsustainable in the long-run, and in the short-term sacrifices one group for another.

However, it is no "crime" to be wrong, i.e. to adopt "irrational" beliefs, and to allow those beliefs to guide one's actions. At the end of the day, when the scores are tallied, the universe's causal nature will be the ultimate judge.

This is why it is pointless arguing with people or trying to change them. If they choose to adopt unrealistic beliefs, then they own the consequences. I of course get the benefit of being "entertained" by their antics, and of course their reaction which follows "Oh it is so unfair! Someone please help me! The govt should help me! Oh woe is me!". It is a tragic comedy lah. :)

In today's yahoo! news, here is an article on the impending collapse of the welfare state, in the world's biggest welfare state, The US of A.


Removing myself from "active citizenship" of my stolen cuntry has numerous benefits — I am not associated with the cranks and buffoons who believe in The State.

I also have no choice but to be responsible for my own life, and form associations with people based on value-for-value exchange rather than "neediness".

In that way, we both "win" — the Sheeple get the govt they deserve, and I get the freedom I earn.

Good deal, don't you think?

And so we agree, Singapore is coming along nicely :)

Matilah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

in other words, you decided to take on the mark of the beast..:)

Matilah_Singapura said...

No, I am The Beast.

Hail Satan,
Lord Of The Fun Things which states and religion attempt to ban — like sodomy, intoxication and blasphemy/seditious speech.


redbean said...

this is getting rather interesting. we all have different premises to live our lives. that is why there are competing political systems and religious beliefs.

i was watching the oscar presentation and this lady, an ex chairman of paramount studio, said america is great because people are free to express their views and free to disagree. if we take a step back and say, ok, that is your belief and value and you are entitled to it, the world would be a better place to live in.

the only problem comes when people disagree and want to impose on others their views and beliefs.

we should enjoy the diversities among us and human beings. there is no crime to be different as long as one does not go out and harm someone else.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Exactly right. People forget that freedom of speech and expression are nothing more than manifesting one's opinion.

Opinion as simply that: words which express ideas. Opinion are not the "truth", and thus there is nothing inherently "serious" about them. To cling to an opinion or to overreact to an opinion is irrational behaviour.

And there is nothing to fear from humans with freewill and free consciousness — which means that individuals will differ in their opinions.

There is a saying attributed to Larry Flynnt, publisher of Hustler Magazine, who fought the US Federal Govt for years, and WON.

"Opinions are like Arseholes: Everyone has one".

...and that's my opinion! :)

redbean said...

the problem here is that those in power are afraid that too many alternative or opposing views will undermine their authority. thus in parliament, even among own party members, opposing views are not encouraged. this is unhealthy.

people with opposing views are not necessary opposing on all things. and they should have confidence to entertain opposing views from within.

man is fallible. it is very dangerous for man to put up an image of infallibility.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Exactly redbean. You got it spot on.

No single person or group should have "monopoly" on ideas.

It is for that reason that The State and Parliament should be dissolved and the entire govt SACKED.

Then the country can be returned to The People — and they can, by being market players in a totally democratic and free market decide what is best for themselves and the country they OWN.

As long as you have a State and Parliament, you are NEVER — i.e. never, ever, ever, ever going to get a situation where disparate and varying, as well as opposing opinions and ideas will be entertained because The State has a territorial MONOPOLY

Look at the timeline of modern Singapore: over decades The State has become BIGGER and The Government MORE POWERFUL.

When is this SHIT going to stop? And who do you think are the right ones to stop it?

redbean said...

the power of the day.