midget sumo wrestler

So it is 6.5 million, the magical number for Singapore's prosperity. And when we reach that number, will it go to 10 million? This 6.5 million number is from the govt think tank. The only thinking group in Singapore planning. And presumably all the other institutions of higher learning all agree. Building houses, the infrastructure for 6.5 million population is not difficult. Just build higher and deeper, reclaim more land etc. And more roads and rails. And fresh air is free. Water? Drink more organic water. Singaporeans just need to squeeze a little for more air and more space. Maybe create a new gene to reduce the size of all Singaporeans to less than 5 ft tall. Then legislate the size of all housing, starting with the HDB, if it has not already started, to minimise usage of space on a per capita basis. Limit the size of a bedroom to 9 sq m for two and make it applicable to all properties. With the current 4 million population, a down cycle in the world economy already caused so many hardship and bankruptcy, unemployment and downsizing of companies, pockets and housing, one can imagine what it would be like with a 6.5 million population. And in a globalised world, we need to compete with cheaper cost economies, and now to compete internally with more competitors, locals and non locals. We will truly end up with survival of the fittest. And all the greenery, luxurious apartments and amenities and world class transport systems are not going to be for free. The only two golden hopes, signify by the double rainbows, will be the casinos and the gst. These two will save Singapore as we grow into a midget 6.5 million sumo wrestler.


LOST4EVER said...

Whoever comes up with this 6.5... will it be 7, then 7.5, as I believed the figures has been revised up time and again.

Have they think about the consequences of a down turn or a major crisis?? When there is a 1929 or the Japs invade us again, or the Indonesian unleash 10 million ants on us, how do u handle that?? where is our hinterland??? We are not a HongKong, we have people & countries waiting to BASH us.

Singapore should build a strong external economy and not increase its population. Increasing population only increaes the stress at home, and the local RAT race get worse, that's all.

Think of something else lah bright brains at the top, and not increasing the stress on the local people.

BioTech, which is picking up...
Alternative energy source, NO ONE at the top said, so no actions, maybe Philip Yeo need to raise his voice or the OLD MAN got to say something.
Or Spiritual healing, FengShui, play god, so SGP becomes center of future focus...

Why need to increase population... should raise the quality of the people lah, so that we can venture out to the world, and be the first truth EARTHLINGS.

Johnny MOO (our old Mr IT) told me when I was a green horn that the world is our market place, we should go out and not stay put and increase our load.

Anonymous said...

i strongly feel that we should keep as much land free as possible and not to encroach or violate too much of nature.

why 6.5 mil. and what then if we reach 6.5 mil? the end of the road?