malaysia car toll hike

Singaporeans are responding negatively towards the impending toll hikes for Singapore cars going into Malaysia. From a personal and individual point of view this can be expected. It burns the pocket. The bargains will not be bargains anymore. The JB merchants too are unhappy as their businesses will definitely be affected. They too have their vested interest to look after. And they would like more free spending Singaporeans to go over and spend their money. From the Federal govt's point of view, it all makes economic sense. There is money to make. And quite substantial sum of money to collect after knocking off the cost of the collection system. The Federal govt has all the rights and reasons to impose tolls or whatever fees it thinks is good for them. And surely they will study the demand and supply curve to work out what is a reasonable amount to charge or whether they should even charge a toll. There are considerations of tourism and investment in the Johore industrial park, tourists coming into Malaysia, attracting people to visit the country for all the good reasons. Presumably all these have been in the computation and the 20 ringgits will bring in more ringgits than losing them. Good for the Federal govt even if it will cost more for the travellers and workers.


Anonymous said...

For years the Singapore govt has been taxing Malaysian vehicles for using Singapore roads. Why all the bitching when the Malaysian govt imposes a RM20 levy on Singaporean vehicles going over for cheap petrol which is subsidised by the Malaysian govt for the benefit of Malaysian.

Redbean, I think that it is only fair, don't you think?

redbean said...

everyone look at an issue from his/her own perspective and interest. the malaysian govt will want to implement things to its advantage. the consumers will want it the other way.

everyone weighs the pros and cons. no compulsion. their country. they thing it is reasonable to charge 20 ringgits, that is their right. you think it is reasonable to pay, go in. if one thinks it is unreasonable or unaffordable, then don't go in.

as long as there are choices and free will, everything is fair.

Anonymous said...

Right Redbean, If we feel that it is fair to charge RM20 we will charge this amount. If Singaporeans choose not to come to Malaysia, then so be it. Johor Baru would probably lose out on trade but I think we will survive.

redbean said...

we should look at this from the economic angle and that should be the way.

the different interest groups would definitely want to have their voices heard. the decision maker will have to make the decision.

Anonymous said...

you have any idea on the 3/4 tank rule? Do you think Singapore visitors to jb are just keen to pump a tankful of cheap fuel back?

Honestly, I find that the things in jb are not cheap anymore, making the situation worse this rm20 levy.

Although I may have to pay a little more to buy stuff in Singapore, I can always look forward to regular sales / carnivals to get quality stuff at a discount. These, I cannot find in jb.

Anonymous said...

Well then, stay away. You choose to come or stay away, Malaysia will always be there.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Redbean, I doubt that RM 20 is of real concern to you.

I suspect you are being mischievous — trying to fire up and play on the on-going post-secession "rivalry" between S'pore and her racial-centric, noticeably backward, northern neighbour.

OK, so I guess I'll make a contribution too. I'm not going to be left out when the shooting starts. So Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. ;)

The RM 20 tax won't affect me. Owning a private vehicle opens you up as a walking ATM, coughing up money to feed greedy governments at every turn. I take buses to Malaysia, and to Johor (aka "Jolly Whore" — my own personal nick for JB — where car thieves and murderers roam freely) — I take a cheep cheep 170 bus.

Jolly Whore is an interesting town. They even have their own Arts Festival. I've always considered JB "the place where they'd stick the pipe, if Malaysia was ever given an enema.". I frequently have the urge to run to the front of the bus I'm travelling on and announce to the other passengers:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Jolly Whore. Please set your watches back thirty years. The stories about murders and car-jacking are true. If you are concerned about becoming a victim, my brother-in-law can give you a good deal on a life insurance policy. Best price guaranteed. Got free gift and lucky draw too...."

Car-jacks, homicides, and an arts festival, ... and the "hideaway" of the occasional political fugitive running away from a multi-million dollar PAP lawsuit in Singapore.

Hmmm... perhaps it's time for me to re-evaluate JB. This has promise of being an exciting place...

Finally, as an occasional S'porean, I would like to thank Uhmmm-N0! for turning their whole country into the Big Turd swirling downward in the toilet toward the sewer of The Universe. Thank you. My occasional Singapore Dollar will soon buy 3 of yours. You can Count On Me.

redbean said...

with 4 persons in a car to make a flight, i still go there occasionally for a round of golf. but i will definitely skip JB. it is getting more notorious than the cowboy towns along the southern Thai border. as you walk along the shopping malls or eating in the restaurants, you can sense that you are being watch and assess whether you are worth to be robbed.

the people who will be affected are those who have to to for work or relations, and those who seek the marginal bargains. do you know that many singaporeans have chosen woodlands for it s proximity to the bargain across the causeway? now the bargain is no more.

one sing $ to three ringgits? why not? malaysia boleh.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous replying to anonymous,

Like i said, i can always find bargains in regular sales/carnivals in singapore. i had lived and worked in kl for a period of time and i must admit i loved the food and the free parking everywhere. after a number of years working in other countries and recently came back to singapore, i was pleasantly surprised that i could find so many kl/malaysian food and dishes available in Singapore. This is another strong reason for avoiding to travel to jb even under gastronomical attack, and as to why singapore imposes upon malaysia vehicles, maybe you've been conditioned that "parking is free" in your country.