Is it politics of envy?

Is it politics of envy? Asked Ho Geok Choo in parliament. The same question was posed to Najib Razak who replied, 'No, we do not envy them.' But the eager beaver instinct to jump up and rush off to offer help and assistance could cause our neighbours 'loss of face'. Of course it does. You have been treating your neighbours as useless bums and always waiting for help from this rich little spoilt brat. It is humiliating to say the least. But free money sure want. Give me more, but don't talk about it, or we will not sell you water or sand. There were little talk of assistance from us in the recent flood except from a few small interest groups. It is better to be that way. They are all intelligent people and know best how to look after themselves. Let's not insult them by offering help so readily.

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