internet and virtual constituency

Loh Chee Kong coined the term virtual constituency as the challenge for political contest in the next general election. Covering the physical ground is not enough. The little wave, the casual talks and the good morning and handshakes in the market are superficial marketing moves. There is more to that as the people get to be more sophisticated. The people wanted to hear more and know more of the politicians, their views and values. And that's where the internet comes in. Once posted, it stays there to be read. Not just a piece of information controlled by time. Once missed, it is gone. And the people want their MPs to talk national politics, not about food and cooking or going to pubs and discos to have a good time. There is a time and place for everything. And politicians are expected to be politicians and not gymnasts or stilt walkers. Politics is a serious business of looking after the people and their well being. Politics is not a simple PR exercise to win votes. There are many core issues and matters that affect the people personally. The internet may rise to that occasion to let the politicians get deeply involved with the people, getting personal with the people, in thoughts and issues. Not a passing remark or a wave of the hands.


Anonymous said...

"Politics is a serious business of looking after the people and their well being."

HAHAHAHAHA, ROTFL. Do you seriously believe the above statement ? How long have you been alive, man ? This may be what you want it to be but is certainly not what's practiced especially in our own red dot backyard. No sirree, politics here is about using legal means to get their grubby hands on what is essentially money in the public coffers. That's the brutal, hard truth.

Anonymous said...

Politicians in Singapore do not have convictions of their own. It has always been a collective concensus. They all have to put up their hands and say "aye" whether they like it or not. Disagreement will definitely be seen as militancy.

Isn't that the case, Redbean??

redbean said...

at least i got you laughing. not bad for a joke.

as for the convictions of our politicians, i swear they all have very strong convictions. just hear what they said will convince you of their beliefs and values. it is all about brutal truth. i agree.

Anonymous said...

If you believe what your MPs say then you are a fool.

redbean said...

who is an mp or what is an mp?

pick anyone from the street, put him to stand for election, wins an election, becomes mp. if the guy is a tai e long, also mp. if the guy is a butcher, also mp.

an mp is a people's representative in parliament, elected or not elected by the people.