gst hike, good news coming our way

GST hike 'a necessary measure' 'View it as a way to grow the economic pie: Minister Teo' The GST is going to grow the economic pie. Is this how our economy is going to grow...by raising GST? Or by increasing the population size? Or by bringing in more foreign workers? Or by increasing prices of housing, I mean high end private properties? Never mind. What is important is growing the economic pie for who? Who is going to get the most out of this increase in GST and economic pie? Who is going to get all the raises and the big chunk of the raises? Obviously it must be the people down the line, the lower middle income group. These people can look forward to a brighter future and a big bonus. Each would probably get $5k to $10k going by the trend and the declared objective of the GST. How about 10% of what the President got for his raise?


Anonymous said...

Hooray, GST is increasing. GST is good for the people, good for the nation. Most importantly, it is good for the gahmen who will get 2% of their millions salary increment.

Good for people and nation because we have now ways to know where bulk of money gone to.

Hooray for these whities. May these PAPPY live with guilt and ghost haunting them even in sleep.

May those who jump them the track scare the hell of gahmen to force them reveal their con-ways.


redbean said...

i think if every family is given $10k the lower income people may be appeased. afterall the gst collection is going to be forever, and going further up. but i can't speak for the middle income group. some will still be in financial strain.

pay $10K this year, raise 2% again next year, and pay another $10k again, just like tontine.

Anonymous said...

GST = Gahmen Superior Tactics
that create the impotent in us.

Anonymous said...

10% would be nice. Look at what Sr Nathan got:

Salary increase $154,500

Entertainment allowance increase $15,000

Expenses increase $193,000

Total increase = $362,500

Anonymous said...

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