dual citizenship

What about amending our laws and allowed dual citizenship? This topic was raised by countdown in the YPAP forum. And looking at it again, there are many merits with such a proposition. We can become Singaporean/Malaysian, Singaporean/Indonesian, Singaporean/Indian, Singaporean/Chinese, and the more popular alternatives like Singaporean/American, Singaporean/British or Singaporean/Australian. The immediate result is that we can have 10 million or 20 million population instantly. No need to wait for another 20 years to hit 6.5 million. And all the Singaporeans longing to be international citizens too will have their wishes granted. Singaporeans with dual citizenship can live and play and work anywhere we want. We will be truly International. The world will be our playground. And we will no longer be short of foreign talents. Provided other countries want us. Otherwise the Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese and Indians will be here as our citizens but we cannot go over as their citizens. They can come here and work and play and return home. But we cannot do likewise in their countries.


Matilah_Singapura said...

No need to amend lah. This law is not enforced, because tens of thousands of S'poreans already have dual citizenship.

The current policy of "closing one eye" works well. No need to change.

To my knowledge, no one is "abusing" their S'pore citizenship — to the detriment of the cuntry. In fact, this "relac policy" has been a BOON for the nation, as dual citizenship S'poreans come back to work, pay taxes and use the financial system, as well as the business environment to create wealth for themselves.

Everyone wins here: the "Quitters", the "Stayers" (employed by various businesses and institutions providing the services to the Overseas Singaporeans), plus the Singapore government gets paid in many ways:

Overseas Singaporeans:

1 Deposit money in Singapore banks

2 Work and pay taxes

3 Buy property — pay property taxes and stamp duties

4 Register companies and pay stamp duty

5 Shop like mad (pay GST)

etc etc.

As long as the govt gets paid, no worries... MATE!

redbean said...

ya, closing one eye is a good thing at times. just like interpreting the rules to your favour. as long as it favours the country and everyone, why not.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show how crappy it is to be born a Singaporean. Perhaps all born Singaporeans have done some really nasty things in their previous lives and this is karmic retribution.

redbean said...

cannot say all lah. only a few are sufferings for their inability to make it good in this land of opportunities. tough.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually, there is no excuse not to succeed in Singapore.

It's a breeze compared to your average western democracy. And, the taxes are (still) low.

But in every society, you are going to find "victims" — people who conveniently blame "the situation" or other people for their lot in life.