debate, complaints or whining

After so many years, this is the first time a debate of such high caliber appears in the MSM. The subject in contention is not what many people would be able to participate but not necessary that many people cannot follow. And the contestants are supertalents, all professionally qualified. This debate will give a buzz to the exceptionally quite academic scene when compliance and not speaking out is the safest thing to do. Wei Ling is taking the lead as an individual and a professionally trained medical practitioner to engage the Govt on this issue. And the Govt is responding. If both parties can be objective and set aside the personality part, which is difficult as they are all very passionate about this subject, the public can look forward to an education. Lets have more of such debates. Not complain or as some like to put it, whiners.

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Anonymous said...

You're mistaken, redbean. This is a fight between the elites. Peasants shouldn't butt in lest be trampled by the sheer weight of the personalities involved.