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cyberspace, here we come

I was reading in another forum and they were speculating that this information on the PAP setting up a counter insurgent group to post in cyberspace could be leaked out by some unhappy members. But I think it is a kind of intentionally telling the bloggers and forumers that they are going to contest every inch of the ground. I welcome this action as it would mean cyberspace would be more interesting. I just hope that they don't attack bloggers and forumers blindly and mudslinging everywhere like those ill brats that I encountered in my blog. I really hope that they put in thinking people to discuss instead of unthinking people to disrupt. The former will do justice to the party while the latter will further disgrace the party more. The worst that can happen is to learn from NKF and have ghost writers to misinform.


Anonymous said...

Haha, disgraced party still can win 2/3 of the popular vote in a free election ? What are you smoking ?

redbean said...

ganja, sometimes marihuana, sometimes clean singapore air.

this world is all a con game. depends on who is more talented in conning.

Anonymous said...

I say it's about time they get in on the act. There's just too much misinformation and distortion online where anti-government views are the norm among the online community. Good that the government has finally decided to take these trouble makers by the horns. How they do it is not important, as long as it is done.

redbean said...

agree, agree.

we need some enlightenment here : )

Anonymous said...

Big deal. George Yeo used to ask Harold Fock to post in scs. I guess an anonymous name might better than f#*k!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Bring it on!

redbean said: > this world is all a con game. <

I prefer to use the word "seduction".

Anonymous said...

Identifying themselves will just play into the hands of these anti-establishment types. They'll start getting personal and stuff. The key thing to remember is you can't use logic to deal with those whose minds are so warped. You gotta counter them using the same methods they use.

redbean said...

let's try to be less personal whether using real names or nicks. in this blog that is what i hope to do, where everyone can come in and agree or disagree without attacking another person personally.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> everyone can come in and agree or disagree without attacking another person personally. <

I prefer to look at it this way: no one guarantee any other person's behaviour. Therefore it a fair assumption to say that personal attacks will occur.

The key therefore is not to take anything personally — either insults or praises.

There is a real world out there, off-line — where opinion is irrelevant, and what counts is reality — the way things really are.