counter insurgency in cyberspace!

PAP moves to counter criticism of party, govt in cyberspace. This is the headline in the Straits Times today. Now, cyberspace is shaping up and is shaping ideas and viewpoints. And PAP is taking it very seriously. The ST said, 'The PAP is mounting a quiet counter insurgency against its online critics.' Wow, counter insurgency, the choice of words could send jitters throughout cyberspace. Insurgency is the new dread word replacing Communism. Communists were sent to jail. Insurgents are dangerous especially of the terrorist kind. Would cyberspace critics and commentators, bloggers and forumers, be treated as insurgents? Then the paper added that the PAP has sent members to forums and blogs to rebut anti establishment views and putting up posting anonymously. I have a few anonymous bloggers in my blog, www.mysingaporenews.blogspot.com, displaying some characteristics that I am getting suspicious. But then again it must be my imagination or ego to think that my little blog will invite such interest. Further, they were there not to rebut but to post cynicism without any justifications, and personal attacks. So I shall rule them out as little brats. Definitely they don't deserve to be members of such a distinguished outfit for they don't rebut intelligently and came through as mindless little boys. Rebuttal by PAP in cyberspace is healthy and a move in the right direction. They need to explain their actions and to dispel any false accusations or allegations. Otherwise, falsehoods, if repeated too often, may be taken as truths, or at least to the gullibles or casual readers. But certainly they need to start out first by cleaning up YPAP forum. That is the most humiliating piece of advertisement paid and run by the PAP to discredit itself. It is the most nonsensical thing to do.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Finally. Now the fun begins.

"Counterinsurgency" — Jesus f Christ - they make it sound like a "war".

This is typical of S'pore culture the "govt the people deserve" who BTW are made up of S'poreans reflect that nasty (cultural & social) meme — that if someone criticises you or disagrees with your opinion, that person makes you "lose face" and therefore becomes your enemy.

Oi, grow the fuck up! ... IF_YOU_DARE!

Gutless Wankers! :)

Anonymous said...

They are out to destroy intelligent and reasoning blogs - not engage in discourse, argument or persuasion. They are out to destroy regardless of means. So engaging bumps to talk nonsense and make a blog difficult to read serves their purpose perfectly.
Now how can any blog keep clean and interesting like it was before the rubbish dumping gahmen become this active, as 2 months back??? sigh!!!

redbean said...

i am still wondering if this blog is attacked by counter insurgents? i am wondering....

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fear not. For Matilah_Singapura will take up the cause and defend the honour or dishonour of all the blogs he posts in, against the tyranny of Leviathan.

Bring it on, motherfuckers :)