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citizen lee firing away

Choktong supports the debate between Citizen Lee and Philip Yeo. It is an intellectual debate just like when Catherine Lim did once but unfortunately that was not the right time for debate. At that time she talked about the 'affective divide' between govt and the people. Maybe this time Citizen Lee could bridge this divide and bring the govt closer to the people. One thing for sure, she is not going to get a dressing down. Nor would she take is lightly should anyone tries to do so. I am looking forward for more of such intellectual debates especially from the luminaries, the academics from the world best institutions in this island. Would we here from them about the 6.5 million population?


Anonymous said...

Citizen Lee ? She is anything but a regular citizen, Redeban. She is a blue-blooded member of the ruling Lee clan. How can you lower her standing to that of the peasant Citizen Jane or Joe ? She may not take too kindly to that, hor.

redbean said...

oh dear me.

sorry for my lapse. my apologies for calling her citizen lee.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, I am surprised your cynical cap did not pick this charade up as a potential wayang to deflect the people's attention from the hugely unpopular GST hike.

redbean said...

seriously, honestly, i never see it in that light. perhaps i should look at it again.

Anonymous said...

let's be sensible. The only time this debate is allowed is between ppl from PAP, gov. Other kind of unprivileged entity is not allowed. Have it been Citizen Lee rather than elite Lee, this citizen Lee might have been sued for defamation until she has nothing to wear at all. We all know what happen in the past. It just plain understanding that gahmen and its henchmen will not sue men of power or from same species. For example, the president of WTO didn't get sue for saying thing against the gov, and if we citizen say it, the consequence is all too much predictable.

Double standard. Definitely. So all this wayang is just way too bullshit.

redbean said...

wayang happens all the time. but wei ling has an issue that she felt quite passionately about. and we must admit that she is in a better position to be heard.

for no brand citizens, we can only enjoy our chats here. it won't be good enough for the msm.