Car collection - A new heartlander's hobby

Car collection - A new heartlander's hobby When COE prices shot to the sky, Singaporeans bemoaned the high prices of cars and the inability to own one. So the govt changes tact and allow COE prices to fall so that more Singaporeans can now afford to own their cars. What a great relief. Now all the heartlanders are scrambling to buy cars. For heartlanders who work in town, the privilege of driving to work is $500 a month, including parking, ERP and petrol. And this excludes parking in HDB car park, additional parking in shopping centres etc, monthly instalment, insurance, maintenance, summons... What could happen is that many will buy a car to appreciate on weekends, cleaning it and sitting inside the car in the car park to listen to radio. Taking the car out for a spin is not going to be cheap. HDB carparks can be turned into a car hobbyist playground to meet up with other car owners for chit chat and admiring all the brand new and hardly used cars.


Anonymous said...

Are you jealous Redbean? Are you begrudging a little joy in the hardlanders' lives? The economy is good, so why can't you be compassionate and allow the hardlanders to enjoy a little creature comfort and show off in a small way?

Anonymous said...

Anon above, if you don't already know, this loser spends all his time turning anything positive into a negative.

redbean said...

am i jealous? there are 3 cars in my family.

with my income i can even afford to pay you to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. On the internet, you can pretend to have anything. Big deal.

redbean said...

let me guess, your salary is $1,400 or $1,600 pm? with that kind of pay, if you call me ah kong i may consider giving you for free. and no need to waste time here. you can then go and take up a more respectable job that will give you more self respect as a human being.

Anonymous said...

You may have 3 cars in your family. what does that prove? you may be earning more than me but you must not look down on ppl from the hardlands. you may be in a landedproperty but what is wrong with being in the hdb carpark? wah redbean, you are beginning to be a snob. maybe soon you will tell us to get out of your uncaring elite face.

redbean said...

when i talk down to people, they deserve it. look at all my posts here to all the bloggers, i welcome everyone without being rude to anyone.

only people are rude to me.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In any high density city, car ownership is expensive. That's logical, since land is priced at a premium. S'pore is different in a way, because of the high taxes levied on car owners.

Everytime I've moved to Hotel Singapore, I resist the urge to buy a set of wheels. Instead of living far away from work, I choose to live close by — no more than 20mins away.

I don't miss driving at all in Hotel Singapore. In Oz I drive 30-50,000Km a year — mainly because distances are FAR. And of course car ownership is considerably cheaper because land is abundant.

The average working person owning a car is paying a lot in tax, and many take out car loans — most of the cases the money borrowed is substantial.

Still, if not for a vibrant economy, lowered taxes, and cheaper cars (thank you once again China), ordinary working folk could not afford private vehicles.

"A Rising tide floats all boats" The situation you've described is the free market at work. You know the market is doing its job when the "middle/working class" have increased wealth and standard of living.

Regardless, I still won't buy a car in S'pore — because I do just fine without one. And I like to keep my tax rate as low as possible. If I don't, it is hardly worth my while visiting Hotel Singapore. I may as well stay in Oz.

redbean said...

i am thinking of switching to an opc. no need to waste money parking in town, erps, and petrol.