amending the penal code

It has several months since the govt announced its proposals to amend the Penal Code, with good reasons of course. Many things were outdated since the Penal Code was first written. I was looking for some changes to foreplay in the bedroom being erased from this reference book on acceptable social behavior. So far nothing heard of it. Maybe we need more explicit explanations on why foreplay is important in parliament before monks and priests can understand what they are for. Foreplay does not need to end up in sex. The Workers Party must have done some serious work on the amendments that they finally held a public forum on this subject. Two major points were reported in the press. 'Twenty years for assaulting an MP with the intention of preventing him from doing his job, up from seven years now.' This is a very necessary move as the MPs are rare talented men and women who have step forward to serve the people, sacrificing for the nation. They should be protected by the law as best it can, from harm. Further, with some MPs being so rich, there is always the possibility that they will be target for extortion or even being kidnapped. The twenty years sentence should be a good thing to protect them from harm's way. 'Two years for being part of an unlawful assembly, up from the current six months.' The WP said this is significant. I can only see goodness in it. My retirement plan has just been firmed up. In my twilight years, when I need a roof over my head, to be fed and clothed, I can now join an unlawful assembly to earn my two years of reprieve in the modern and safe condo in Changi. I would actually recommend that it be extended to 3 years. Then anyone needing this charitable service can renew it every 3 years by demonstrating for it. The empowering of the judges to cane, jail and fine a guilty person cannot be more timely. Despicable people, liars, hypocrites, pet poodles and rubber stamps of charitable organisations should be fined, jailed and caned. If not, many charitable organisations will be exploited and robbed of their funds and be discredited, and people will no longer have faith in charitable works. And the people needing help will be left in a lurch. It is a serious and shameful crime and nothing to be proud of. It is no laughing matter. It is disgusting to praise such people as heroes and talents to be emulated. This is the only country in the world that continues to praise criminals and cheats as talents. Now I know why no one feels any shame but pride.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Redbean. I too read this morning's papers. Liars, hypocrites, pet poodles and rubber stamps are very strong words to use on Mr Yong, a person held in such high esteem by everyone, includung some very high officials. How can that be ??? Now that all these have been revealed, one question I must ask " Did no one in the country, including people in power, realised what was going on??"

I find that very hard to believe.

redbean said...

good morning anonymous,

this is just a sideshow in the cineplex. it can be blocked and distanced from the people. it does not concern anyone. just a movie, not real.

Anonymous said...

How can you say it is not real? I understand that many Singaporeans gave to the NKF with open hearts. For one earning SGD 1000, a monthly SGD 10 donation meant 1% of his salary. How can you say it was not real???

redbean said...

heard of emperor without clothe?

see only what you want to see. if one chooses not to see, then it is not there, at least to him.