6.5 million, let's go for it

Some noises were heard in all the little corners about the 6.5 million population that we are expected and will be living with. There is no U turn in this. All the thinking and planning have been done. And everything is green, everything is good to go for 6.5 million. Things will be so good when we get there. Today's paper, Lim Boon Hee also questioned the wisdom of this move. There are so much fear and uncertainty as this issue is very new and no one of the calibre of citizen Lee have spoken out. My reading is that all the brains in this island have thought over this issue and all agree that this is the best way to go, or we will perish. When we were 1 million, we will perish. When we were 2 million, we will perish. When we are now 4 million, we will perish. Let's try 6.5 million. Maybe we will survive better. The people must have faith in the govt and the planners. Let's do not understimate their ability to plan for our future. The people shall support this great plan and stop complaining. Even the opposition are also awed by the immense possibilities and opportunities that 6.5 million people will provide that they are dumbfounded. Let's go for it.


Anonymous said...

One thing good coming out of this that no one has yet pointed out is that there will be enough urine to recycle into Newater that will last the country for seven generations. The future generations will never have to worry about going thirsty. Let's all drink to a toast of peesai water to this great idea.

redbean said...

see, if only everyone look at the bright side and think positive, the possibilities are immense.

good thinking. i still think they should add in a variation to the Newater by marketing an upmarket version called Organic Water, from our organs. then market it in the same class as perrier or better.