The whiners must do some soul searching

The whiners must do some soul searching Mohammad Maliki Osman, a new MP, pointed out that Singaporeans were whiners and complainers. A little variation from quitters. Name calling is quite fun. For every little wrong they would call up a govt agency to deal with it. He would rather the Singaporeans take actions into their own hands, take ownership of their actions to make the island a better place to live rather than depending on the govt. Why is this so? Why are the Singaporeans all so like dat? Whose fault huh?, so asked robertteh. Who should be doing the soul searching? Matilah had on many occasions complained about too much govt. For when there are too much govt, it is only natural and expected that if the govt wants a hand in everything, wants to interfere in everything, then the people will just let the govt to take over, even their lives, reluctantly or legally. And first thing is to stop telling people what to do and what not to do in bed. Or should the govt step back a little? Return more freedom, initiative and more funds and resources back to the people to lead their own private lives? Now, it is always easy to blame the people or some other people isn't it, especially when one thinks one is now god, in the highest body of the state, to tell the people who is the boss?


Rowen said...

Mr Sin made the following comments.

Taken from Channel News Asia

Mr Sin Boon Ann (Tampines GRC). It was a symptom of a society divided, he said yesterday as the debate over his colleague's daughter's remarks spilled over into Parliament.

This time, though, the focus was not on Ms Wee who Mr Sin described as a "young and perhaps naive girl" who had "appeared insensitive and arrogant" with her "unfortunate" remarks.

As Mr Sin pointed out, many youths use insensitive and provocative expressions, such as her "get out of my elite uncaring face" - as Ms Wee had done - especially on Internet discussion forums.

The episode belies a deeper problem.

"The perception exists that Singapore is a society bifurcated between the elites and the commoners, the scholars and the normal streams, the gifted and the ordinary, the HDB dwellers and the private property owner, the rich and the poor," he said.

Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman made the following remarks after Mr Sin

“A nation of complainers" and "a society increasing reliant on the Government for help" were among the sadder - and harsher - labels mentioned. Member of Parliament for Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman started the ball rolling when he called for "reflection and soul searching" among Singaporeans. Dr Maliki noted Singaporeans had become increasing reliant on an "efficient system" that handles issues on the municipal and national level. He said: "When the lift landing of our flat is not clean … we call the town council; when there are mosquitoes in the neighbourhood, we call the NEA (National Environment Agency) … if things don't improve, we go to our MPs or tell the media."

Dear Redbean,

It is apparent that the Blogsphere’s influence is greater that a MP could quote an incident and debate it in public.

It is also apparent that Dr Mohamad is unaware of a lot of matters.

He fails to see the purpose of the town council. Is it not the responsibility of the town council to look into the matters of cleanliness in public places? What is the town council doing with our money since as flat dwellers every month we pay the town council constituency fees?

Is it not the responsibility of the NEA to ensure that the Environment is safe for citizens to live in? What are the responsibilities of the civil servants in this agency? What is NEA doing with our taxpayer’s money?

Finally, if the above 2 agencies are not functioning? What is the audit check on them? MPs (the speakers of their own districts) / Media / should we form our own public groups and riot?

I suppose it is a more nice and proper way of saying get out of my elite uncaring face…..?

Just my 2 cents worth.

redbean said...

hi rowen, your 2c worth weighs a ton.

it is the same familiar tune. don't complain. be constructive, offer your solution, talk is easy. then i go back and count my money paid to me to do a good job. now the complainers have to do the job for me as i laugh all the way to the bank. no need to do now.

how about this, it is not my problem. everyone must look after themselves. don't expect charity or a welfare state?


redbean said...

when napoleon was a pig, he fought like a pig. when napoleon took over the farm, he talked like the farmer.

Rowen said...

Napolean was a pig, He managed to get the farm to rise against the farmer, yet in the end when he became the farmer he did not last very very long coz he thought he was no longer a pig and became the elite. asking all other animals to get out of his elite uncaring face.

Before Napolean, there was a snowball.... good he thought yet fruits he did not enjoy in the end....

Animal farm is a good book.... should read time and time again

History will always repeat itself.

redbean said...

that's the natural life cycle. from poor to rich, to decadent, to poor again.

Anonymous said...

We really had a strange government. First, they want to decide what we do, how we had sex, how many children we had. Then suddenly, they are not responsible for anything.

If there a war, I think they will first to ru. After all, they not responsible