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what the president says

Singapore will become a nation divided by wealth, race and religion. All three are sensitive subjects to be discussed with extreme care. Talking about them careless can undermine the govt's effort to build a cohesive and inclusive society. Race and religion have always been sensitive. Now wealth can also be a sensitive subject. Bloggers have been dragged to the court for blogging on sensitive issues concerning race and religion. Lets hope no blogger is dragged to court for discussing wealth. It is not just simply black or white as in the past. The grey area is getting wider, including maybe brown. Singapore must not become a welfare state in extending help to the people. 'We would like the govt to do even more, but the govt can only spend within its means,' ie the govt must spend only when it is affordable. And looks that the govt has done all it can afford and to do more will be unaffordable. The President said, 'Let us build a competitive economy and an inclusive society for ourselves and our children in Singapore.' I was not in the house but would presume that 'us' includes all Singaporeans.


Elfred said...


Kusanagi The Sword said...

Gov sure spending a lots on themselve. Who are the highest paid Gov in the world don't forget that.

redbean said...

hi kusanagi the sword,

welcome to the blog.

don't blame the govt. if they don't pay them well or make entry to politics easier, the creme de la creme will not enter politics and all singaporeans will suffer in the long run.

now we only have one or two jumpers now and then. these are unavoidable. without good people in govt, we will have hundreds queuing to jump.

say thank you quickly.

Anonymous said...

Good governance will result in happier people. When people are happy they will smile and show the world what a good country Singapore is. This will mean more quitters from faraway land entering Singapore bringing with them cash, eg. Indonesian cash. Good for Singapore.

And who says FT is not good for Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Yes, PAP can't afford to give wealth, help the poor, can't help too much. But strangely, they can afford to pay themselves wealthly, help themselves with best luxury, help themselves with more money.

Fu#$@cking double standard. And try to act like a clown.
Yes... all the best wayang kings in the world is situated in Singapore gahmen office.

redbean said...

we don't call that wayang. we call that meritocracy.

and for the benefits fts bring, we call that globalisation. this is the same term we use for locals losing out in employment opportunities. globalisation is also another word to mean if you are clever, you will earn world class salary. if not, you will have the choice to be a jumper.

redbean said...

and the conventional wisdom is that there are unavoidable. that is the brutal truth that we have heard recently.

Anonymous said...

If that is the brutal truth then what Ms Wee said was correct. Why all the huffing and puffing and asking his elite daddy to resign??

If you cannot stand the heat, leave the kitchen. If any Singaporeans cannot stand the competition, get out and stay out. Make way for the more talented.

redbean said...

i agree that is the message. so either the singaporeans buck up or ship out.

no room for the lazy and stupid singaporean. i think i should ship out too.

Xtal Clear said...

"Anonymous" is so brutal in her talent - definitely the world can have less of such compassionless creatures ! This is a case of knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing.

redbean said...

not really. he is just being truthful. we must judge people by what they do rather than what they said.

many people talk about compassion but actually go about killing the helpless when you are not looking. this world is full of hypocrisies. at least wee shumin and anonymous are honest to share their thoughts.

but in the animal kingdom where the fittest survive, to be brutal is to live.

Anonymous said...

WeeShumin share her thought thinking it is private blog !
God must have punish the PAP for their hypercrisy and pretentious behaviour. Have you notice once a while, the relative of one of those "deceptive clowns" will expose their "evil" thought and deed somehow.

In Taiwan, they have TaoBian.
In Singapore, we do not have TaoLee, but has TaoSai (Throw shit) because we dont' have the hormones strong enough to call ourselves true man and woman of Singapore.

Our dignity is taken away from us once we grow up in this red dot.

redbean said...

nice way of telling a pleasant truth.