what bumiputra?

As the debate on bumiputra versus non bumiputra policies hots up and tension creeps in, the concept of bumiputra gets clearer. Johore UMNO is now criticising the concept of a Malaysian race. What they are concerned, according to Abdul Ghani, is that 'The concept is seen as a threat to the Malays and the special position provided for them in the Constitution.' To Abdul Ghani, the Malays must remain the "pivotal race". What is therefore important is not so much the bumiputras or sons of the soil. For bumiputras should also include the orang asli, the ibans, the dayaks, and other native people of Sabah and Sarawak. But they are not Malays and thus should not be part of the pivotal race.


marlin212 said...

Now they just want everything for themselves. Even in education they just want to print the name on the piece of qualification regardless whether they have any knowledge at all. How preposterous can that be. Why not chase every non-malay out and close the border and live by themselves than they will not worry about anything on earth.

redbean said...

i feel very sorry for the natives in sabah and sarawak. they are not malays and thus not going to be the pivotal race.

being bumiputra is not enough.

the white americans should make the red indians the pivotal race.