we are not finished!

We are not finished! In many organisations, private or public, the young punks have taken over the reign. Many are in their 30s and 40s. Intelligent, dynamic and impatient to make their marks. Invariably the sight of the oldies are not so pleasant and grudgingly tolerated. The common comment is that they should be at home looking after their grandchildren and should not be in the office. And in the drawing boards, all kinds of plans are being crafted and to be put in place to get rid of the oldies. Some of the oldies are still as strong and healthy and have many good years to go. No matter. Once they pass the 50 mark, they are considered finished products. Time to disappear for their own good. While scheming to get rid of the oldies, they forgot that it is only a matter of time that they too fall into the same unpleasant category to be got rid off. Age is fair to all. Everyone must go through the ages. All the Papas must teach their young upstarts to show a bit of deferrence to the older specimens of human kind. And a great example to follow is Hsien Loong. He has kept two oldies as bouncing boards and as his resources, to provide the gaps that need to be filled in his thoughts and thinking process. The days of the oldies are not over. With better medical care, the oldies are going to be hopping around for another 20 or 30 years more. And if the oldies can master the computer and internet technology, they can make themselves very useful as these requires only their finger muscles and a lot of the knowledge that they have accumulated and stored over the years. The danger of a nation being run by kindergarten kids has been demonstrated over the last few weeks. In their little raw brilliance, they could destroy everything, their families and themselves.


Rowen said...

Sure Oldies are good.

ST Nov 4, 2006
Tougher to get leaders to stay in govt for long
They need 10-20 years to master art of govt, but private sector a strong draw, says MM

Lots of SMEs have their founding fathers still in power. Our local banks for example OCBC, OUB, UOB.

Rowen said...

Old chinese saying, "Ginger are still the hotest if they are old"

My 2 cents worth

Anonymous said...

Craps, all these oldmen in gov, and private sectors think everybody is a fool. It just that the "fool" pretend to act ignorance. Oldman think that his superior intellect can still outtrick the smart singaporean.

redbean said...